ERP for Steel

ERP for Steel Industry

Steel industry is the major economy driving industry that contributes to various sectors including ERP for construction, shipping, automobiles, railways, and capital goods. To manage such a huge industry and yield more production and profit from it, the Steel industry needs a standalone solution for efficient operations. ERP software solutions for Steel industries deliver a complete integrated solution to ensure optimized and sustainable operations.

ERP software for Steel industry serves as a backbone of the industry. It involves various process automation and controls to monitor all operations- from receiving raw materials to delivering finished goods.

Lighthouse ERP delivers comprehensive ERP software for Steel industry that focuses on the core necessities of the industry. Lighthouse Info is committed to provide in-depth industry-specific solutions to get a seamless user experience.

Lighthouse ERP for Steel manufacturing is designed to deliver accurate and high performance industrial solution.

Lighthouse ERP is a robust yet flexible ERP software that caters to all the requirements a Steel industry needs. With 30+ years of ERP implementation experience, Lighthouse ERP meets the modern industry standards, delivering best practices and customer satisfaction.

Why Lighthouse ERP?


Key Benefits of ERP implementation for steel industry

ERP software for Steel industry integrates the system and creates an inter-departmental network for better communication.

Maximum output can be yielded as production and sales cycles are executed and completed in the expected time.

Keeping track of all raw materials and products gets simple with inventory management in ERP software for Steel industry.

Execute a strategic business plan with improved decision-making as ERP software analyses every piece of information and data.

Key ERP Modules for Steel Industry

Finance & Accounts for Steel Industry

Inventory Management for Steel Industry

Procurement for Steel Industry

Quality Control for Steel Industry

Production Planning and Control PPC for Steel Industry

Production Management for Steel Industry

Logistics for Steel Industry

Supply Chain Management SCM for Steel Industry

Features of Lighthouse ERP for Steel Industry

Lighthouse ERP software focuses on the core requirement of steel industry, a functional yet simple user interface.

Process Automation in Lighthouse ERP makes the capturing base data and communication between different departments seamless.

Lighthouse ERP software performs in-depth data analysis and delivers detailed reports and dashboards to ensure strategic decision-making.

Lighthouse ERP software is a one-stop solution for every industry which needs proper and consistent workflow to operate successfully.

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