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Logistics and movement is an important part of ERP software as it controls all the transportation of manufactured items and goods. This keeps the industry running and keeps it in business. Logistics in layman’s terms can be defined as the process of moving goods and items from industry to consumer or warehouse. When the production of items or goods is finished and successful quality tests are passed by items, the items need to be delivered to the customer. This shipment and delivery of items are achieved through the logistics and movement module of ERP.

The logistics module works flawlessly in delivering the shipment in the least time in the expected timeline. The logistics and movement module empowers the industry to deliver all the items in time. This gives the industry potential business growth. The ERP for Logistics and Movement module provides an end-to-end solution to industries involved in manufacturing. The logistics module interacts with other modules to exchange information and insights for the delivery of items. Billing and rate calculation, vehicle management, parcel management, and warehouse management are operations involved in logistics and movement.

ERP for logistics & movement deals with the transportation of the goods and commodities from factory to warehouse or destination. Lighthouse ERP for logistics & movement works smoothly with other modules of Lighthouse ERP software to ensure that the movement of the good and commodities is done in expected time. Lighthouse ERP for logistics & movement is implemented is various industries like coal trading & import, steel trading, commodity trading, and heavy equipment trading. Lighthouse ERP for logistics & movement provides end-to-end solution for all transportation requirements.

Features of Logistics & Movement Module

Increased Productivity

The ERP software for logistics and movement drastically improves the productivity of the industry. It helps in delivering the items on time without any wastage of time.

The module scans the bar-codes and stores them in the central server. This makes it easy for workers to easily track the shipment and locate it.

The scanning of bar-codes reduces order processing time. The logistics and movement module makes transportation easy for the industry.

Faster Delivery

Once the production finishes, the items are packed and are ready to be shipped for delivery. The module helps in shipment tracking at any given instance.

This allows the software to achieve faster delivery in the expected timeline. Automation of all the processes like warehousing and logistics operations improves efficiency.

The module also notifies the system and team of every step as the process progresses. Due to this, the team and system are updated on the transportation.


Warehouses are used to keep the extra stock of manufactured items. These warehouses are located in multiple locations across the state or country.

Tagging the stock with serial number helps the module to keep track of items, and tells the ERP software which warehouse has the stock to easily retrieve them.

The module also facilitates the software in the utilization of available space. Many times space in the warehouse is wasted due to poor software integration. The module makes efficient use of space in warehouses.

Improves Distribution

This feature improves the distribution of items in various locations. ERP system for distribution business helps the logistics module to form a proper map for distribution.

The distribution feature also helps in improved sales management, as it offers integrated workflow through full automation in all processes in ERP software.

Manually entering the details of distribution locations can be tedious. Manual entries are prone to errors, hence automatic entries eliminate the chances of errors.

Benefits of Logistics & Movement Module

Access to address book and automatic storage of information makes the process error-free reducing the loss to the industry.

Automated logistics and movement module increase customer service and customer satisfaction.

The module gives complete control over the processes that are involved in logistics and transportation.

Scheduling of items and automated dispatch makes the module an effective module in handling transportation.

Logistics and movement module is a powerful module with all the automation features, helps in an increase in the speed of transportation.

Logistics management system module utilizes the warehouses properly decreasing the wastage of space in warehouses.

Real-time freight data and real-time analysis give the software an edge in performance over traditional outdated software.

The logistics and movement module reduces the difficulties and challenges from the intricate process of transportation. The automation of almost all the activities tremendously helps the system reduce human intervention and increase productivity. Warehousing management helps the stock to be tracked, eliminating misplacement of important items or goods. Complete control over transportation makes this module one of the core modules in the ERP system. Lighthouse Info helps the industries by implementing Lighthouse ERP software that caters to all the needs of the industry. Lighthouse ERP is constantly upgrading over the course of 35+ years and has all the features that a modern industry needs.

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