ERP Software For Steel Melting Industry

ERP for Blast Furnace Industry

The Blast furnace industry is characterized by high capital intensity, high dependence on bulk raw materials. Pig Iron can be used to make cast iron, but usually pig iron undergoes further processing to reduce the carbon content and produce various grades of steel.

Lighthouse ERP Software for Blast Furnace Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has continuously evolved since 1987 and Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution in ERP for the Steel Industry . Lighthouse' technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Efficient Supply Chain

All inward and outward movement is tracked at Security Gate, Weighbridge, Quality lab and store/ yard locations

Control of Material Stock at Raw material Stock Yard, Crusher, Feeder, discharge area and bagging in Integrated Steel Industry area.

Plant movement: various scenarios including Inward, Outward, Stores Related, Purchase or Sales Return, Rake Inward, Inter-Yard Transfers, Waste or Scrap movement etc.

Carry out batch wise semi finished and WIP pricing while ERP for manufacturing Industry

Traceability throughout the manufacturing process from receipt of raw material to finished good

Effective Production Planning & Control

Multi level- Q.C. at source, source third party, our third party, inward Q.C. and yard Q.C.

Quality Control: QC linking of quality parameters and bill passing

Production planning:Item BOM, Material Requirement Plan, Monthly Production Schedule, process parameters like temperature, pressure etc.

Shift wise Production with Batch, Lot & Godown Control

Standard to actual yield calculations to manage variance analysis

Sophisticated and Accurate MIS on Production Costing / Plant Performance calculations to manage variance analysis

Furnace wise power consumption & Per MT Consumption

Complete Financial Control

Expenditure analysis for subcontracting, production etc.

Manage Division wise & consolidated finance books Costing/ efficiency , Ledgers & Profitability. Inter division Sales & Purchase on a real-time basis

Accounts approval and bill passing for Purchase, Services (jobwork/ contractors) or Freight scenarios

Material costs, Overhead costs and Process wise costs; detailed product costing and variance analysis to control product costs

Various Stock MIS with 10 level drill down

Sales & Dispatch

Enquiry & Quotation followed by three level order cycle Sales Contract, Sales Order and Delivery Orders.

Delivery orderscan be made on the basis of the advance received and with the details of the actual product to be dispatched (with Grade wise, Size wise product details)

Sales Invoicing generated instantly, by linking to Weighslips and Delivery Orders

Flexible pricing methods cash discounts, quantity discounts, fixed period sales contracts, credit control etc.

Why Lighthouse ERP?