ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Industry

Discrete manufacturing industry is characterized with numerous products with multiple variants and strong time-to-market pressure.

Whether you are forging & machining parts or stamping out 1000 parts per minute you need a system that keeps you lean and agile.  From punching and stamping to casting, brazing, shearing and spinning (including support for your die and tool maintenance), Lighthouse ERP software is specially designed with your production needs in mind to help you handle every step in the fabrication process.

Lighthouse ERP for automobile and engineering metal processes offers to help with keeping your machines running smoothly, your production schedules accurate,  and your scrap and rejects low

Key Features in Engineering and Discrete Mfg

Product Details: Details of Products, Attributes, Production Process Group, Tools and Consumables required Similar Product.

Production Planning: of (similar product process group or similar type of Semi finished good or Raw Material group) in one work order plan to save production time. Work Center/ Process wise Planning details.

Multi-Level, Process-Specific Bills of Material: Unlimited, pre-defined, BOMs meet the unique needs of your manufacturing processes, reflect critical interdependencies, routings for accurate scheduling and planning.

Production Costing: Definition of Production rate, process and machine wise with per hour production capacity.

Production Flexibilty:Work Order/ Job Order rescheduling . Production in a process for multiple job cards clubbed together.

Work Order Status: Process/ Stage wise status of Customer Order which are under production

Material Requirement Plan based on past Sales Data & Pending Orders. Min & Max and Re-order Level for store material procurement.

Plant Efficiency:Load Analysis, Machine Efficiency. Definition of Cycle Time for processes and machines

Accurate Stock:Order and Process wise WIP Stock report indicating (Under Process/ Completed)

Quality Control: Process wise inspection & QC to capture rejected, Rectified, accepted Quantity

Tool Maintenance: Easily track and schedule preventative maintenance on your tools and dies while IQMS’ unique scheduling module eliminates tooling conflicts and highlights out of service tools and dies for accurate work order or process scheduling.

Core Modules


 Control your bottom line and prepare for change in the future with Lighthouse ERP financial management and accounting system. It covers financials, banking, investments -hedging and commodities, payroll, cost and budget accounting, fixed assets. The flexible multi level accounting structure promotes real-time group visibility or for an independent unit Key capabilities include: General Ledger with multiple charts of accounts, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash flow management, Bank management, General Expenses, Fixed asset management.

Material Management- Procurement and Inventory Management

Seamlessly manage the purchasing process from purchase requests, orders, deliveries, subcontract orders. approval process from order through receipt and invoicing. Lighthouse ERP has multi-location, multi-warehouse, multi-store management with total traceability of inventory quantities and lot and batch numbers. Advanced features for Supplier and product classification, Pricing and discounts, tolerances, inventory balances and reorder level, lead days and stock movement.

Sales & Distribution

Complete access to information concerning products, price lists, discounts, and transporter. Issue customer quotations, book orders, order acknowledgements, manage contracts, view and allocate goods from stock, dispatch and e-invoicing of goods. Lighthouse ERP provides a 360 degree view of their customer and go from quote to cash effortlessly Advanced features ffor Inventory enquiries and allocations, Brokerage Sales commissions, Multi-level credit control , Pricing and discounts, Customer returns, Invoicing and reminders

Production Planning & Control

Gain real-time visibility into your operations with Lighthouse ERP. Lighthouse ERP supports planning, scheduling, and production control activities in detail for process manufacturing. From production planning (make to order/ make to stock), process scheduling, production performance and costing. Advanced features for Bill of Material, formulas, and recipes, Production cost and plant Performances, Quality control & analysis

Services & Contracts

Lighthouse ERP gives you complete control over work contracts awarded, executed and completed by your contractors. It also accounts for Sub-contractor performance and passing their bills for a project. Detailed workflow for: Work Order to Sub Contractors, Work Done Reporting, Reconciliation of Work done and Bill Passing, Free and Chargeable Contractor Issues

Quality Management

Control your bottom line. Lighthouse Erp covers financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments, and fixed assets. In addition, it easily handles transfers from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and your headquarters. The flexible accounting structure (multi-ledger and multi-chart of accounts) promotes a real-time global vision while accommodating local operational requirements.

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