ERP Software for Casting & Foundry

ERP for Casting and Foundry

Foundry in simple terms is a process involving casting of molten metal into castings. This process is done by melting and pouring metal it into molds and allowing it to solidify. Casting products like machine bodies, engines parts, gears and valves etc. are produced using various castings methods like die-casting, investment casting and sand castings.

Modern foundry machines are highly advanced and mechanized. The metal is melted in furnaces of all sizes, from a few kgs to many tonnes, and then it is poured in molds in which they cool and take shape of the molds. Finishing is done later to make sure that the casting has the right finish to put the casting to use. Engines, various autmobile parts, and various metal parts are manufactured using casting which is a part of discrete manufacturing. Various parts are casted in molds by melting steel and other metals in order to manufacture these parts.

To manage such rigorous process and monitor all the operations from procurement of metal to production of products across various stages, the company needs a robust ERP software for Castings & Foundry. The ERP software for Casting Foundry facilitates the company to smoothly keep the track of operations processes. Casting operations comprise of different processes including managing the raw material for castings like pig iron and aluminium, epoxy or clay for molds, refining the molten metal, cooling of metal castings , forging and finishing process.

Lighthouse Info provides and implements the best ERP for Foundry Casting (ERP for casting 5) industries. Lighthouse ERP is an one-stop solution for all the needs an industry needs. An ERP software must be flexible so that it can adapt the work-flow. Casting ERP software and Foundry ERP software is the necessity of the current scenario in this modern era of digitization and automation. Lighthouse ERP software for Foundry and Casting provides such adaptability and scalability in order to meet the industry needs. ERP software for Casting and Foundry is similar in working when compared to ERP software for manufacturing industry.

Key modules in Foundry and Casting ERP software

Inventory Management allows the company to easily keep the track of inventory of raw material to finished goods along with the quality status of produced goods helping in managing the inventory costs effectively.

Procurement Management lets the company monitor all the raw material purchased along with other necessary material like store consumable, which is required for working of industry.

Sales & Dispatch Management module allows the company to track all the orders and shipments (under process and out for delivery) based on the details of delivery orders. Timely Reporting through emails/ SMS for better customer service

Plant Management module facilitates the management workers and team to assimilate the problems in plant and mitigate all the problems that occurs during the plant maintenance.

Finance Management helps the company manage its finances and accounts rendering them the complete understanding of the budget and costing of production along with operations profitability

Quality Control and Calibration Management helps the team to know the quality of the production, leading the production team to track defects (casting rejections and machining rejections) and undertake improvements in the flawed products as necessary. It also helps in inspection of any re-working based on casting inspection, machining inspection or die inspection.

Bar code/ RFID Management module keeps the track of scanned items, the inventory of produced goods, and availability of the products to efficiently manage packing and delivery of goods.

Key Features of Lighthouse ERP for Foundry and Casting industry

Lighthouse ERP software for Foundry and Casting interlinks different department of the factory/ industry to form a network which makes the communication between them easier.

Lighthouse ERP software contains the modules which analyses the information and data by with the aid of various analytic algorithms and suggests possible strategic decisions to be made.

Lighthouse ERP software maintains and manages the record of all the operations performed for better understanding and decision making, yielding profit for the company.

Lighthouse ERP automates various processes leading to less human intervention and faster working, integrating the system for efficient work-flow.

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