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The production planning module makes the best use of all resources to ensure that the production of the industry stays unhampered. Production planning includes a myriad of operations, and the production planning module helps the industry in achieving the execution of these operations. The module handles all the tiny parts of the production. The production planning module takes the quantity to be produced from the sales module, and then production planning commences. The module also optimizes the manufacturing capacity, raw material, components, and material resource.

The ERP for production planning makes the best utilization of all the resources available in the industry. Production planning not only plans the production ahead but also ensures that machines and equipment stays well maintained. The production planning module collects various information and data from modules and sub-modules of the production planning ERP system and then analyses it to plan the production. Conflicts in the production are identified in the early stage to avoid a loss to the industry and business. The production schedule is also generated by the module for all the machines to improve efficiency on the production line.

ERP for production planning makes sure that the industry has proper production plan ahead. Lighthouse ERP for production planning helps plethora of industries in planning their production. Some of the industries are steel industry, manufacturing industry, plastic industry, textile industry, & Fasteners industry. Lighthouse ERP for production supersedes in working due to its integration with other modules like material management and sales, marketing, & dispatch management. Lighthouse ERP module for production planning collects information from these modules and plans production ahead.

Features of Production Planning Module

Material Functionality

The production relies heavily on the raw material. This raw material is provided by the material management module. This makes the modules exchange information.

The ERP Software for production planning eliminates the manual entries of the material and facilitates the ERP software to make entries automatically.

In return, this automation results in the reduction of the operational cost of the industry. Furthermore, this also provides data accuracy and eliminates errors.

Machines and Equipment

Machines and equipment work continuously for the production of items. Due to constant working, machines and equipment need maintenance.

The module helps calculate the machine downtime and maintenance time by proper analysis of the system. This makes the production have a steady flow.

If machines and equipment are not properly maintained, then various mechanical problems can occur. This can result in a disruption in production planning.


The routing feature makes sure which raw material is required for the production of items. Routing enables the ERP module to route proper raw material.

The process involves various operations like path fixation, analysis of operation details, and time limit for operations. This analysis is done by routing.

This feature also helps the production planning and control to make the supply chain smoother. Without this feature, production planning can work successfully.

Dispatching & Evaluation

When an order for raw material is released, the production activities begin. Material, tools, and other components are supplied to the operator.

The operator then properly assesses the production activities and executes the operations for production. Efficiency is the key to production planning.

The process ends with evaluation and system locates where improvements are needed. This continues for the entire process and is carried out each time the production cycle completes.

Benefits of Production Planning module

Production planning module ensures improved organization that results in the timely delivery of the manufactured items.

All the instructions for production planning are provided digitally to the operator, and process automation eliminates the errors.

Production involves a myriad of operations and activities, and there exists a chance of resource wastage. Production planning minimizes the wastage of resources.

Production planning decreases the operational time of all the activities as all the operations are automated and require minimum human intervention.

Generation of various reports automatically can help the industry less time pondering for insights. This helps in time reduction for operations.

Production planning makes the best use of all the resources in the industry, hence the maximum output is yielded in the expected time.

Centralized storage of data enables the industry to fetch data at any instance. This gives a complete overview of raw material in inventory and needs for replenishment

Production planning and control module change the working of industry drastically and potential improvements can be observed in the workflow. ERP software production planning is an excellent tool for operations in the industry. Lighthouse ERP software is the magnum opus of Lighthouse Info. 35+ years of experience in designing and implementing ERP software makes Lighthouse Info one of the most reliable organizations for industry-specific ERP solutions.


Raw material based on Bill Of Material

Consumables like store materials, Utilities (power/water) and Manpower

Finished Goods Production– Increasing the FG/SFG Stock

Production Breakdowns

Parameters for Machine Breakdown detail/ Setting Time/ Power Failure etc.

Downtime Monitoring for Breakdown details like: Breakdown Cause, time duration, Location, Reason


Production Costing

Direct Costing based on BOM considering the landed values of material consumed

Consumables values issued to different Plants/work Centers/Machines

Production Quality

Capturing various test results of produced material in a production date/Shift/Batch/Lot

Test certificates of outgoing material

Results analysis for a period for Material and production unit

Facility to capture third party QC against dispatches

In-process/stock Quality- various test results of produced material in a process during production