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ERP for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry involves diverse processes and operations that are necessary for business and production. Starting from the procurement of raw materials to delivering the final manufactured product, a series of operation timeline has to be followed. This series of operations ensures that the manufacturing process stays in control and the expected timeline is followed. To manage and monitor the entire manufacturing processes and eliminate the complexities in operations, an software for factory management plays a pivotal role.

Manufacturing can be classified into variety of categories that includes steel, plastic, rubber, etc. Hence ERP software for Steel Industry , ERP for plastic and rubber manufacturing industry can also be implemented maintaning industry specific requirements.

Manufacturing specific ERP delivers a standalone solution to all the hurdles that occur in the manufacturing process. Lighthouse Info excels in delivering the ERP software for the manufacturing industry to cope up with difficulties. Lighthouse ERP aims to implement comprehensive all in one ERP software specially designed for manufacturing industries. Lighthouse ERP is designed and implemented by Lighthouse Info to simply all your complications. Lighthouse ERP mitigates the problem of monitoring the work flow with its exemplary ERP software.

Lighthouse ERP for the manufacturing industry is a robust ERP software to accommodate all the client’s needs to gleam the client’s business. Lighthouse ERP has improved throughout the years to meet the modern standards of business, focusing on the core needs of the manufacturing processes and operations. Production Management Softwares is an aesthetically versatile ERP software that improves the overall control of all the business operations in the Manufacturing industry. Below is the extension of various aspects of Lighthouse ERP.

Key Benefits of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Complete integration of the system creating an interconnected network of various departments for seamless communication.

Yield maximum output and production keeping the quality in check with Lighthouse ERP software for manufacturing.

Track the entire process coupled with inventory management for better production predictions.

A deterministic approach to meet the modern fundamentals of constantly growing business in the manufacturing industry.

Key Modules of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Finance and Accounts for Manufacturing Industry

Inventory Management for Manufacturing Industry

Procurement for Manufacturing Industry

Quality Control for Manufacturing Industry

Production Planning and Control PPC for Manufacturing Industry

Production Planning for Manufacturing Industry

Logistics for Manufacturing Industry

Supply Chain Management SCM for Manufacturing Industry

Key Features of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Elegant user interface paired with harmonious navigation for the state of the art user experience in Lighthouse ERP

Capture base data and communication between departments made possible with process automation in Lighthouse ERP.

Migrate previous data without redundancies with Data Migration as per client’s need in Lighthouse ERP.

Maintain manufacturing timeline, smooth workflow, and operations by data analysis and reports in Lighthouse ERP.

Why Lighthouse ERP?


Types of Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries are types of industries which manufacture goods, for one purpose or the other. These industries rely heavily on goods or products that are manufactured for later use or consumption. Manufacturing ERP software is a software which enables smooth functioning in manufacturing industry, and proper workflow of operations.

Steel Manufacturing Industry

Steel manufacturing industry is one of the economy driving industry in nation. Steel industry supports plethora of other industries like automobile, infrastructure, Steel TMT bar, defense, and railways. Manufacturing ERP software helps the industry running and functional.

Plastic Manufacturing Industry

Plastic is one of the most used material in the world. Plastic is replacing almost every other item be it may a household item or for industrial purpose. To cope up with this huge plastic manufacturing demand, manufacturing ERP software can smooth the operations in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry deals in supplying cures and medicines to entire world. Every medicine contains specific amount of chemical composition, and it must be precise to avoid series repercussion. To avoid such difficulties,Pharmaceutical industry opts for manufacturing ERP software to ease the process.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG industry produces and manufactures goods which are consumed on everyday basis. The supply and demand chain in FMCG industry is continuously busy, hence FMCG industry opts for manufacturing industry for its robust solutions.

Core Modules in ERP for Manufacturing Industry


Finance module is one of the component in ERP software that manages the finances and handles accounting functions. The finance module shares data with other core modules including productions planning, procurement, customer relationship management and other. The finance module also generates reports based on the data gathered by the module. Finance module is one of the most important module in Lighthouse ERP software for manufacturing industry.

Material Management

Material management module plays major role in transforming inputs into outputs. It involves planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling all the processes including procurement of raw material at the initial level to finishing the final good or product. Material Management module in the Lighthouse ERP automatically analyse the quantity of material and production to be manufactured with the existing raw material. Material management module interacts with other modules in order to collect other data.

Sales & Distribution

The sales and distribution module in Lighthouse ERP manages the sale of manufactured goods or products and also monitors the distribution of final finished products. The sales and distribution module processing involves generation of sales quotation, transfer of quotes, manages customers, and track shipment of orders. Sales and distribution module plays an crucial role in manufacturing process.

Production & Quality Control

Lighthouse ERP Module supports planning, scheduling, and production control activities in details manufacturing industry. As quality is the prime pillar of any manufacturing industry, significance of production and quality control module is utmost. Integration of other departments such as productions, inventory , and procurement helps the business keep track of its quality levels at various stages. Hence, this module is necessary.

Security Gateway & Weighbridge

Lighthouse ERP completely automates the Weighbridge and Security Gate operations, providing an absolute solution to SG and WB activities. These activities plays vital role as passing from the security gates is the initial process for delivering as well as dispatching the finished products or accepting the procured raw material.


Logistics Module comes into play in tracking goods and products at different transit points. These points can be anything like ports, depots, warehouses, storage yard, and go-downs. Logistics modules interacts with various modules like production and quality control and SG and WB module.

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