Organizations are driven by people

It is said ‘most communication is meta-verbal’ meaning that its not just words but passion and expressions which carry across the meaning.

Customers believe the words from one another more than they trust messages from brands and the impact of referrals and word of mouth are more critical to the success of the organization.

So it has been our experience that influencers- people carrying our message and value proposition on behalf of Lighthouse have a much more sounding impact to urge the customer to engage and explore.

Lighthouse has an open door policy for partners who understand the existing ecosystem and business culture of client organizations. These groups of people belong to various business fraternities: Chartered Accountants and auditors, consultants, technology and subject matter experts.

Our brand advocates consist of respected authors, speakers, thinkers and researchers who have fair knowledge of our products, and topics related to business systems.

And most importantly, trust and confidence instilled by the customers