Lighthouse Analytics

Special Features

 Measure Accurately

Measure Accurately

Rely on correct and consistent data, based on Lighthouse’s extensive data mining and architecture experience.

Unmatched Visibility

Unmatched Visibility

Create Interactive and informative interfaces and share actionable insights from your data

Confidence in your data

Confidence in your data

Feel good about your source data with Seamless connection to ERP database & multiple data source.

Comprehensive View

Comprehensive View

Use powerful visualization tool to uncover business insights starting with an overview and drill down into specifics.

A Strategic Planning based on Operations data

With ERP software organizing your business data, Business Intelligence technologies can mine this data and present it in actionable and insightful ways.

Understand the business problem to design the right solution which helps solve the problem.

How do end users consume the information to take decisions ?

How is the business impact measured?

How could it be improved?

Stay on top of your KPIs that will drive your success

Analytics is the way to go forward when you want to get 360 degree view of your organization’s data, actions, performance and results.

Establish how you will measure each KPI, whether your organization’s analytics platform is setup to reliably measure them, and how frequently you should report on that data.

Define the success criteria- the basis for defining any changes.

Analyze and visualize data and gain insights

How do you feel about data?

Data carries different value for different people. Is the data available with you sufficient to make decisions. Often data analysis (collect, analyze and interpret data) seems too painstaking to outweigh the benefits. Is it up-to-date and in line with your understanding as conditions change. Does it help you weigh trade-offs between options.

With better tools comes better understanding of how you can utilize your data for every decision.

Making decisions with data

Do you ever make decisions on the run? Have you taken gut feel based calls on pricing or commercial terms only to realize that the data trends suggested otherwise.

Lighthouse simplifies the data integration process to showcase a holistic and highly interactive view of the business. The interfaces support all kinds of information delivery needs.