Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

We create enterprise mobility applications to give employees a digital experience to perform tasks from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device. Industry specific mobility solutions drive resource enablement and quick results.

There are many different types of enterprise mobile solutions in a corporate environments. These applications include data management, task management, transaction workflow approvals, customer & partner support-CRM, enterprise application integration (EAI), dashboards and business intelligence, and many more.

One app for all platforms – Android, iOS operating system, mobile or tablet interfaces

Real-time backend integration – directly into your organization's core

Built-in Security and User Management

Use smart device capabilities, including GPS, camera activation and barcode scanning within the app.

Why Lighthouse ERP?

mis reports

Key MIS reports on mobile

Help's providing any types of key figures from ERP so management take every kind of decision from daily business routines to top level strategies any time anywhere.

erp approval entry

ERP approval entry

Apps to allows users to review and approve requests for example expenses, requisitions, purchase orders, recruitment vacancies and offers, and more right on your mobile. It becomes easy for the them to approve all the categories of action items, without having to switch between multiple approval applications.

production app

Production shop floor app

Apps for confirmation of production order execution at the point of completion the operations. Eliminating paper based processes, which are prone to errors and rework creates areal time and highly visible manufacturing process that eliminates communication gaps. .

warehousing and barcoding app

WareHousing and barcoding app

Material Barcode labeling and Inventory mapping. Warehouse functions including Placing, Picking, Packing and Dispatch.

ess portal app

Ess portal app

ESS solution offers the entire workforce immediate access to important updates/ information's. Enables more effective communication across the organization and improves employee productivity.

sales order management

Sales Order Management

Sale Order booking, approval levels, Customer purchase history, Outstanding balance and credit control.

Project management site reporting app

This App helps you to spend Less Time & Managing Projects.Tasks & Deadlines with Integrations. Statistics & Reports. Section Actions. Services. Boost Productivity & Improve Collaboration.

Sales force management

Sales- force management systems are information systems used in customer relationship management marketing and management that help automate some sales and sales force management functions.

Task management

Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning,testing,tracking,and reporting.

Complaint management app

Reco- rd, resolve and respond to customer complaints, requests as well as facilitate any other feedback.