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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software have become significant tool in businesses and industries. ERP software provides a backbone to the industry or business to aids them operate smoothly. The software meticulously utilizes the resources in the industry. ERP software helps the industry to store their data securely, and extricate data loss. The software pulls the data from various modules and deliver it to necessary terminal.

A ERP software give employees access to all the information whenever necessary. The information in industry, in which ERP software is implemented is stored centrally on server. The central storage of information allows seamless communication across all the departments and divisions. Module create a interconnected network of departments and divisions, and communicates with every division when needed. Entire ERP Modules For Quality Management software is heavily dependent on its modules.

What are modules in ERP software?

Each and every ERP software modules has specific purpose in ERP software. These modules are the Best ERP modules in india look over and manage different divisions and departments of the industry. There exist only single source of information in ERP software, and all the modules plugged into ERP modules in india receives information from the same source of information. This eliminates data duplication and loss of data.

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Key modules in ERP software

Finance & Accounts

ERP for Finance and Accounts is important to business as it aids in understanding the finance situation at particular point in business. Tracking Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable is the task of Finance and accounts module. Billing, payment, and reconciliation of accounts is automatically performed in ERP software. The module also prepares various reports, including profit and loss statement.

The module exchanges various information and data or shared by various other module in order to prepare reports. The finance and accounts module in ERP software manages General Ledger. Furthermore Asset Management, and Cash Management is done by finance and accounts module as well. Manual calculations are eliminated by finance and accounts module, hence calculation errors are avoided.

Material Management

Material management module in ERP software manages operations that involves identification of source of supply, comparison of quotations, evaluating the right quotation, create purchase orders, track the status of purchased material, and verifying the invoices upon receiving the material. Material management module exchanges data and information with other sub-modules of ERP software.

Customer satisfaction can be seen by ERP software of material management Proper quantity evaluation is also a integral part of material management module. An industry can benefit from material management module as it keeps track of quantity of raw material, manufactured material, and the warehouse the material is kept at. This module has records for all the material in industry.

Sales, Marketing, & Dispatch

Sales, marketing, & dispatch module handles all the sales & dispatch related activities. The modules generate sales order, schedules order, handles shipping, track invoices and sales return. Marketing handles the marketing department, bringing potential leads to industry for business. Dispatch part of module handles dispatch activities, tracking of goods, and conforming delivery of goods. These processes are done automatically in ERP software.

A detailed organization of sales, marketing, and dispatch can be observed in this module. In ERP for sales, marketing, and dispatch, detailed profile of client, name, shipping address, and credit terms are collected and stored for further use. Material request, sales invoice, production order is controlled by sales, marketing, and dispatch module of ERP software. Multiple dispatches on single sales order can be seamlessly achieved with the help of this module.

Production Planning

Production module optimizes manufacturing capacity, production planning, and product scheduling. It keeps the track of raw material quantity, and requisitions of raw material. Furthermore, production module also ensures the manufactured products are of expected quality by running a quality assurance check. Organizing the production planing with the use of available resources is the responsibility of production module.

Basic functionalities of production module include production order control, production order planning, and production order statistics. The module also helps in managing inventory and quantity of produced products according to supply and demand. The module is specifically designed to aid ERP modules for manufacturing industry including core capabilities. Taking order and delivering products includes in ERP for production planning.

Quality Management

ERP for Quality management assures that the manufactured products matches the specific production guidelines and specifications. These guidelines and specifications helps in better manufacturing of products, and the products perform up to the mark. Test mappings and advanced features mapping is a integral part of quality management module. This module is responsible for the end product the user will use.

Quality planning, quality control, quality improvement, and quality assurance are part of quality management module. Establishing desired quality standards that are acceptable to customers is core principle of quality management module. Faulty products management and taking them off the production line is also a part of quality management module in ERP Modules For Production Planning & Control software.

Logistics and Movement

Logistics is crucial part of every industry. Timely delivery and unbroken products is expected by every industry. Logistics module handles all the operations in industry right from transportation of raw material to the industry until the shipment of final batch. The module extensively collects and exchanges information about production, billing, and sales module.

Movement part of logistics module handles all the activities that are related to transportation. ERP for Logistics and movement works simultaneously in order to deliver the manufactured products or goods to customer in expected time. Complete control over logistics and movement of industry helps improve supply chain management.

All aforementioned modules entirely supports the ERP software. These modules are responsible for successful operation and functioning of Enterprise Resource Planning system, and it does its work flawlessly.