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Best ERP software for manufacturing in India


Published on : 30/11/2020

Publisher : Rohit M.

Enterprise Resource Planning a.k.a ERP is a software which facilitates the businesses and industries to run the work process smoothly. What makes the ERP a best software for manufacturing is the core idea behind it. ERP is automation coupled with integration, that creates an excellent tool for managing all the chores of business and industry. A flexible and robust ERP system can help the business grow exponentially as it minimizes the human intervention and automates almost every process. The key difference between ERP and traditional systems is that traditional system did not provide enough inter-connectivity as much as ERP does.

Which ERP software is best for manufacturing industry?

LighthouseIndia brings the best and the most flexible ERP solutions for all the manufacturing industries. Lighthouse ERP makes the process of managing all the operations in manufacturing industry simple and lucid. The robust yet flexible working design of the Lighthouse ERP makes it suitable for every manufacturing business. Implemented over 300+ ERP projects, Lighthouse ERP is the major player in industry driving ERP. The exemplary design of Lighthouse ERP creates a standalone one-stop solution for all the businesses.

Lighthouse ERP software solution focuses on the core modules which helps the ERP software to work well and hand-in-hand with operational flow. There are many benefits of ERP module for manufacturing industry which makes Lighthouse ERP an magnificent choice. Lighthouse ERP creates a network of departments in the manufacturing industry by linking them with each other, which makes the inter-departmental communication easier and quicker.

This makes the management of operations easy and can be done with just a single push. Various modules in Lighthouse ERP interact with each other to create a perfectly sync with each other to create a flawless network. This makes Lighthouse ERP a desirable ERP software for every manufacturing industry.

Features of modules in ERP for manufacturing industry

There are various features that comes into play when ERP is implemented in the industry. But how does one industry determines that the ERP implemented has all the necessary modules and it will compile the work for driving the work force in the industry?

The answer to that simple yet important question is right here below:

Production Management

Production management is the most important module in ERP as it controls the flow of products that needs to be fulfilled which are demanded by the customer. To manage these demands, production must be on time, and to monitor production the production management module plays an vital role in ERP software for manufacturing industry


Inventory Management

Inventory plays a crucial role in manufacturing process. An ERP software that keeps track of inventory to meet the supply and demand chain can be considered as good ERP software solution . The inventory management module in ERP software keeps the track of raw material and finished products. This can initiate the purchase process, and delivery process.

Work Order Management

To keep the track of documents, work orders, and all the purchase and sale receipts, work order management modules plays significant role. It enables the ERP software to schedule the productions to fulfill the needs of the customer.

Human Resource Management

Manufacturing industry is extremely labor intensive, and to plan where human resource is needed much is very meticulous process. To make this process easier,human resource management module does the trick. It tracks the skills of the employee, and what tasks an employee can perform and his/her efficiency to make sure the correct workforce is put to use at the correct place.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management modules acts as a bridge between the customer and sales team of the manufacturing industry. It makes the sales team to understand the need of customer thoroughly and how can the industry fulfill the customer’s demands.

Artificial Intelligence

Business Analytic played an important role in traditional systems for handling the work process in manufacturing industry , but in ERP software, AI plays the role of understanding the business and analyses the information and data. AI increases the analysis process significantly as the tedious process of business analysis is a tedious process. Also, AI being the modern technology and still in development, the market has yet to see its true potential and how it can benefits the ERP software and manufacturing industry along with it.


These key features and benefits of the ERP software make the software an absolute solution for every and any industry. Managing daily tasks in the industry with centralized approach has been enabled by the use of ERP software.

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