ERP Software Equipment Sales and Service Industry

ERP for Equipment Sales and Service Industry

Equipment sales and service industry deals with multitude of issues everyday due to improper tracking and monitoring. Tracking the purchase orders, tracking warranty, and management and accounting are significant operations in equipment sales and service industry. To tackle all the difficulties, opting for ERP software is the best option. ERP stands for Enterprise Planning Resource. ERP software helps the industry in achieving system-wide integration to create seamless way for communication. Inter-departmental network between departments and divisions helps storing the information on central server for easy access.

Lighthouse ERP for Equipment Sales and Service Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP Software has continuously evolved since 1987 and Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust ERP Software for Trading & Services Industry. Lighthouse technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.


Buyer accounts - single company or large groups, buyers having multiple consignee location

Record and View Sales on several parameters: broker and sales person basis, party-wise item-wise

Reminder Letter to Debtors/Creditors for outstanding, Party-wise pending sales tax forms

Automated Generation of vendor PO from Customer sales order/quotation

Generate quotation- sales order- challan or invoice; Generate invoicing from unbilled challan

Analyse sales history by party-wise item-wise billing, region, broker, sales exec

Excise Mod VAT, Sales and Service taxes

Debtors/Creditors Age Analysis: A comprehensive age analysis for debtors and creditors with multiple features such as Month-wise& bill-wise outstanding tracking

Service Management and Warranty Support

Equipments details

service categories & Schedule: under free/AMC/Warranty etc

List of due services

Reminder to clients

Planning of services and allocation to Engineers

List of the required spares and consumables for planned services

Capturing of daily service reports of engineers

Capturing the client service request and complaints

Service Order and service Billing

Part to Part Replacement


Classification of All Items across categories and groups for systemic tracking

Dynamic Inventory control having quantity conversion factors

Insights into performing and non-performing stock assets

Study stock values and movement: Use ABC , fast-moving, slow-moving analysis

Accurate locations and stock status; item-wise and study inventory turnover

Easily Fix Min-Max levels,, Re-Order levels), Last Purchase Rate History, Minimum Order Quantities and Safety Stock.

Why Lighthouse ERP?