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ERP software for Document management is an sub or add-on module that helps in keeping the documents secure eliminating the chance of misplacement. ERP module for document management stores and keeps the documents on central server. Due to this the documents are available to all the users. This helps in seamless communication between all the modules. Pushing and pulling the documents can be easily done with the help of document management module.

Central storage of document aids the users to quickly fetch the document at any instance from any geographical locations. This eliminates the geographical barrier that occurs when the industry has multiple facilities across the country or even out of the country. Documents are stored in various formats such as doc, docx, pdf, or xlm. Not only documents, but invoices, bills, and reports are also stored by document management module that are encrypted and secure.

Lighthouse ERP for document management is implemented in various industries like steel industry, construction & infrastructure industry, real-estate industry, and vehicle finance industry to keep their documents secured.

keeps your office paperless Easy Tracing, managing and storing documents.

Document Management

Classification of Documents by usage

Storage in Oracle Database and/or File Server

Centralized View on all the documents

Controlled access on stored documents

Review feature on stored documents

Pushing or Pulling of documents from ERP transactions like Drawings / Excels / PDF to PO / LOA / Bills etc

Searching of document based on multiple filter

Document Dashboard