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Budgeting and cost control helps the industry in taking proper measures while budgeting. Budget of industry is important aspect of business as every procurement operation depends on budget of the industry. ERP Software for budgeting involves collecting information and data from finance and accounts module, analyse it to gain various insights. Budgeting module also makes the task of team easy by providing right amount of budget and available funds in business.

Budgeting module takes into consideration all the aspects of business including fixed and non-fixed assets. This makes budgeting module a absolute digital solution for every industry that involves huge financial transactions. Lighthouse ERP budgeting module meticulously plans every detail of budgeting process and delivers the industry a budget on which the business can be progressed. Finance and accounts module plays an important role in deciding budget activities in the industry.

Lighthouse ERP for budgeting and Cost Control assures that the industries take right decisions while making budget. Industries which requires lot of budgeting like steel industry, plastic industry, fastener industry, and cement industry greatly benefit from Lighthouse ERP for budgeting.

Budgeting & Cost Control

Create cost centers across your organization

Plan cost budgets for each financial period, across the cost centers

Compare budgets for different periods

Perform variance analysis based on budgeted vs. actual figures

Undertake profitability analysis of different projects and departments

Calculate the actual cost of production for a particular work order, and analyze the variance against a set of standard parameters