Best ERP software in Noida Dadri

Best ERP software in Noida Dadri

ERP software also known as Enterprise Resource Planning software is a system that integrates all the different units and departments within the organization with one system. This integration of all the units and departments of organization with one system assists in better sharing of information and this benefits the organization in many ways. Integration of all departments with a single platform enhances the communication across all the units in real time which is automatically updated to reduce the human intervention and also reduce the chances of human errors. ERP is a centralized system which helps in delivering real-time information and keeps all the departments up to date.

With ERP integration,  industries can automate all their tasks and assure seamless delivery of information in real time. This automation helps in reducing the risks of human errors in data. Automation also provides better control over all the business processes with all functional databases. Seamlessness in information delivery facilitates in boosting productivity of all business functions.

Since the ERP system was invented for manufacturing industries, it has become the backbone for the industry. Entire organization relies on ERP for functioning. ERP implementation has benefitted many industries in improving the quality of their products and driving sales. Hiring a robust software solution could be the best way an industry can handle all their functions. ERP contains a set of modules which defines its functionalities. ERP modules are categorized into, Finance and account management, production planning, quality management, logistics and movement, sales marketing and dispatch, material management, human resource, and customer relationship management. 

Lighthouse ERP is one of the most customizable enterprise solutions. All of the modules in the ERP system can be customized specifically for different industries from different domains. Many industries in the cities of Noida and Dadri are based on Software, Electronic components, Mobile Phones, Automobiles, ITeS and BPO domains. Through this blog, we will define how ERP and its modules can be customized as per these industry domains. 

ERP for Software for IT Industry :

Noida and Dadri cities have numerous industries which are mainly based on Software, IT and computer domains. Each company has their own unique requirements.The most common and intimidating challenges that the Software and IT industry face are  infrastructure development, getting expected outcomes, quality assurance, undefined quality standards, adapting with current market trends, developing product designs, system integration, project management, testing the products, and security infrastructure. We customize our ERP system specifically for the software, IT and computer industry according to their unique challenges. By employing Lighthouse ERP systems, industries can enhance their way of functioning which as a result will allow them to know current and future market trends, know customers specific requirements and design the products likewise, manage the project strategically, ensure better quality of products by proper testing, and exchange information across all the departments securely. 

ERP for Electronic Sector (include mobile manufacturing) :

Electronic sector industries in noida and dadri are vital for producing electronic equipment and devices for both consumers and industries. The most profitable products for the electronic sector industry  are semiconductor products such as mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, bulbs, televisions, etc. Some of the Electronics sector industry’s unique challenges include supply chain management, service management, short product life cycles, uncertain public demand,  and maintaining sustainability. With Lighthouse ERP software implementation, industries can tackle all these challenges effortlessly. Lighthouse ERP for electronic components manufacturing industries  streamlines the supply chain management, improves customer interaction with CRM systems,  manages inventory, and helps in maintaining sustainability by reducing the amount of system included in functioning of a specific task.

ERP for Automobile Industry :

Automobile sector industries in Noida and Dadri are one of the most widespread industries in the region. Automobile industries are benefiting the economy the most as they are the bloodline for every citizen to commute daily. Customers are being too demanding for new technologies in the automobiles. Thus it's becoming harder for industries to keep up with the growing demands of consumers. There are many such challenges which automotive industries face while manufacturing and designing new products. Maintaining sustainability, excess production, optimization of resources, integration of technologies, talent retention, etc are some of them. Lighthouse ERP implementation aids automobile industries to simplify and revamp all the business tasks and reduces the number of systems involved in a single process which also makes production sustainable. ERP for HR departments to monitor the employee conduct and plan incentives to help retain employees. 

ERP for BPO industry :

BPO or Business process outsourcing industries are mainly based in manufacturing industries. BPOs outsource their business-related services to  third-party dealers and contractors. Manufacturing industries mainly hire BPO services to handle supply chain operations. BPO industries can advance their functions by employing a robust ERP solution as Lighthouse ERP to manage clients and employees through an automated system and let them focus on most important tasks, take care of financial aspects like budget costs, payroll etc. and give freedom to scale and work remotely.    

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