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Best ERP software In Muzaffarnagar

Muzaffarnagar is considered one of the most prosperous cities in northern Uttar Pradesh in terms of industrial development. The city is nicknamed as “Sugar Bowl of India” due to its vast production capacity of Sugarcane. The biggest industrial sectors in Muzaffarnagar are Agriculture, food processing, and the Iron & Steel industry. 

Several agricultural industries and steel industries in Muzaffarnagar have expanded their businesses after employing modern software. These industries face a multitude of challenges regarding production and management due to high demand. Therefore industries prefer to hire advanced solutions to come to grips with all the difficult tasks.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is an all inclusive solution for industries to integrate all their several business processes, units and departments with one platform. Integration helps in streamlining all the tasks and enhancing productivity.  Enterprise Resource Planning software rigorously utilizes all the resources in the industry to make sure all the business operations are accomplished successfully within the stipulated time. 

Lighthouse ERP is a comprehensive software solution for businesses to give them complete control over their data and all the commercial operations. Lighthouse ERP is one of the most highly customizable ERP solution for enterprises. All of the modules in the ERP system can be customized specifically for different industries from different domains. 

Lighthouse ERP is regarded as one of the best ERP software in Muzaffarnagar. Lighthouse develops its ERP software solutions both location and industry specific to enhance the productivity of the business.

How does Lighthouse ERP help businesses?

Lighthouse ERP comprises several beneficial features or modules which help enterprises in many ways. The modules in Lighthouse ERP include, but are not limited to, Material Management, Finance & Accounts, Sales, Marketing, & Dispatch, Production Planning, Quality Management, Logistics and Movement.

Finance & Accounts

The Finance and Accounts management module in ERP handles all the financial aspects of the business. ERP for Finance & Accounts helps businesses to understand their current financial position and future state. With the help of finance management module, businesses are able to quickly analyse the statistics. Billing, payment, and reconciliation of accounts is automatically performed in ERP software. 

Material Management

The Material Management module of ERP deals with the tracking and monitoring of the goods supplies. ERP for Material Management manages the inventory, quantity of goods, raw material, manufactured goods, and need of material. Lighthouse ERP software for Material management streamlines the supply chain and effectively handles all the processes related to the supply, source of supply, quotation comparison, purchase order, and invoice.

Sales, Marketing, & Dispatch

The Sales, Marketing and Dispatch module of ERP tackles all the challenges in the lead generation and revenue process.  These are three different activities combined into one as ERP for Sales, Marketing & DIspatch module to assure seamless exchange of information as these activities are interrelated with each other. Sales module handles all the order, scheduling, shipping, invoice and return part, Marketing module handles all the marketing activities, and Dispatch module handles dispatch, tracking, and delivery activities. 

Production Planning

The Production Planning ERP module manages all the production activities, optimizes the manufacturing capacity, raw material, components, and material resources. ERP for Production Planning helps in utilization of the available resources and maintains the quality of all the equipment used in the production.

Quality Management

The Quality Management ERP module overviews the quality of the end products and assures that all the guidelines are followed in the production. ERP for Quality Management embeds some important features such as quality planning, quality control, quality improvement, and quality assurance.This module is very useful for inspecting the quality of the products, track quality control plan.

Logistics and Movement

The Logistics and Movement module of ERP deals with the transportation, supply and delivery  operations. ERP for Logistics and Movement improves the productivity of industry with timely deliveries, automates the processes & services to enhance customer experience, utilizes the warehouse storage properly, provides real-time analysis of the logistic status and supervises the condition of the products. 

How ERP benefits different industrial sectors in Muzaffarnagar?

Lighthouse ERP has served many industries in Muzaffarnagar and it is the most highly preferred software by agriculture, food and steel industries. Below we have defined how our software benefits the most important industrial sectors in Muzaffarnagar.

ERP for Sugar and Agriculture Industry

Muzaffarnagar has the largest sugar market in the world. Maximum population of the city is engaged in agriculture. Massive industrial size means intense industrial challenges. To tackle all the  daunting challenges, we develop advanced software solutions specifically customized for agriculture industries. Lighthouse ERP for Sugar Industry aids  in administration of all tasks in the most impeccable and effortless way. The most common challenges in agribusiness are sustainability, climate change, preservation of crops, production, planning, quality control, and storage. ERP facilitates agro industries in dealing with all these disputes and enhances growth of the business.

ERP for Steel and Iron Industry

Steel and iron industries in Muzaffarnagar are the most high-tech industries with state of art steel mills. India marks 2nd in the list of top iron and steel production countries in the world. The steel industry in India heavily relies on material availability and cost-effective labour. For maintaining growth and scalability, the Iron and steel industry depends on the ERP system. ERP assists Steel and Iron industries in dealing with numerous challenges regarding Labour intensive, Inventory management, Logistics and supply chain,  Production planning and growth of the business. Lighthouse ERP for Steel and Iron Industry facilitates steel industries in streamlined task management with a cloud based centralized platform.

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