ERP Software For Plastic Tanks Industry

ERP for Plastic Tanks Industry

Water storage plays an important role for commercial, industrial, and residential or domestic purposes and has seen tremendous growth due to demand for potable water.

Plastic can be molded and shaped in any shape we want. There are various applications of plastic in real world. Plastic is one of the most used material around the globe, hence the production of plastic for various purposes are wide. Plastic material is used in various industries like toys, automobile, packaging, construction, fasteners, plastic profiles, UPVC etc. This make plastic manufacturing a huge task. Plastic and rubber manufacturing industry faces numerous challenges in its operations and workflow.

Plastic industry has grown substantially after 1960, when real life applications of plastic has increased. To cope up with the growing demand of plastic, plastic industry has to increase the production of plastic. Increase in production results in increase in operations, which needs to be smooth. In order to keep the operations smooth, ERP software can be implemented in the plastic industry. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a software which integrates the system and helps in managing resources efficiently.

ERP software for Plastic Manufacturing Industry and rubber can almost automate the entire process and operations in plastic industry. The software has various modules for various departments of the industry, these modules are connected to each other for easy access to information. All the data and information is stored centrally to avoid the delay for access of information. ERP for Plastic Injection Moulding and Plastic Pipes and Fittings is also a part of the ERP software for plastic industry suite. ERP software for plastic manufacturers eases the way a industry operates, making work-flow easier.

Lighthouse ERP for Plastic Tanks is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP for Plastics Industry has evolved since 1987 and is constantly upgraded according to the market needs. Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust ERP solution for the Plastics Industry. Lighthouse technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Benefits of ERP for Plastic Tanks industry

Easy inventory management which saves time and helps in completing production in expected time.

Reduces the cost of various operations by managing and maintaining it properly.

ERP software for plastic industry helps the industry to work efficiently yielding profits for the business.

The ERP software makes it easier to track Finance and accounting by creating balance sheets that gives a clear overview over finances.

ERP software for plastic industry facilitates easier resource tracking and Supply Chain Management( SCM).

Key Features in Plastic Tanks Industry

Stock Management: Managing the inventory and movement of over 50 – 60 varieties of pipes and 250 – 300 kinds of fittings.

Item Details: attributes like ID, OD, wall thickness etc.

Raw Material Reconciliation: Accurately Identify Raw Material Consumption in production process

Production Planning: BOM based; and Machine wise, period-wise, and day-wise production planning.

Plant Load Analysis: Plant availability summary, Plant Efficiency.

Easy traceability: based on lot/serial number tracking to check inventory movement right from the time it enters your stock till it is issued for sale.

Pricing & Credit Control: Detailed design for differential pricing lists and strongly enforced credit control for different types of Customers/ distributors.

Depot Movement: Adding excise costs while transferring stock out of your manufacturing unit to your depots.

Tracking: after-sales installation/commissioning and after sales service.

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