ERP Software for Agro Commodities Trading

ERP for Agro Commodities Trading

Commodity trading is investing in physical substances like oil, gold, or agricultural products. Agro commodities falls under soft Commodity trading, meaning the commodities which are planted and nurtured for future trading. The business can face fierce competition when agro commodity trading is concerned. The company has to act quickly in order to secure the future contracts and sell it in market in order to generate profits. Agro commodity trading deals in agricultural commodities , so traders have to act quickly so that maximum profit can be yielded.

Agro commodities include condiments and sauces, cotton and fiber, beer ingredients, fresh fruits like apples and grapes, cereals, nuts, snacks like sugar confectionery, chocolates, and different types of spices. These commodities are always in high demand and traders have to secure the future contracts as quickly as they can. Utilization of information is very important in commodity trading. Agro commodity trading is dependent on weather conditions, therefore the businesses have to take a quick jump to secure a profit margin when trading.

Lighthouse Info’s Lighthouse ERP software for Agro Commodities Trading is designed to adapt such specific conditions, adjust according to needs, and give strategic analysis of data and information for business and traders to take the required action and facilitate decision making. Lighthouse ERP reduces the paperwork involved in trading and focuses on automation and digitalize the entire process of working. Lighthouse Info is one of the leading ERP software manufacturing industry which provides robust solutions for all the industry needs.

Key modules in ERP for Agro Commodities Companies

Sales and Purchase module helps the business and traders to keep the track of sales and purchase of future contracts to generate maximum profit.

Inventory Management module is specifically designed to keep the track of all types of commodities and current stock in real time.

Finance and Accounts Management module allows the business to manage all the financial transactions and accounts, calculation of profit and loss, and also decide the budget.

Customer Relationship Management module in ERP software enhances the customer relationship management (CRM) by centralizing the entire process and easy access to customer information and records.

Supply Chain Management module typically manages all the supplies and production including stock lots, stock controls, industry controls, dispatch stages, batch tracing, and tracking.

Benefits and features of ERP software for Agro Commodities Company

Efficient and effective allotment of all the resources is done in Lighthouse ERP for Agro commodity trading companies.

Resource utilization gives various insights in all aspects of business resulting in increase in productivity.

Complete control over the operations in trading Agro commodities as Lighthouse ERP ensures that no wastage is being done.

Lighthouse ERP software manages the purchases and sales, also aids in making future decision with strategic approach for better formulation of future plans.

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