Best ERP Software in Unnao

Best ERP Software in Unnao

Unnao city is a famous and important industrial city in the north of India. Unnao city is mainly renowned for its chemical, textile, leather and food industries. Among all these industries, Leather and tanning industries are the most flourishing industries. The leather products of Unnao are famous all over the world. 

There are more than 1300 industrial units in Unnao which are leather based. Other industrial units such as  Agro based industries have more than 1800 units and chemical industries have more than 500 units. These sectors of industries have to face tons of challenges everyday to meet the consumers' growing needs. 

Manufacturing industries in Unnao are searching for a robust management solution to streamline and enhance their workflow. As the industry size is spread worldwide, the quality of goods and services also require to be world class. 

ERP software also known as Enterprise Resource Planning software is a system that integrates all the different units and departments within the organization with one system. This integration of all the units and departments of organization with one system assists in better sharing of information and this benefits the organization in many ways. Integration of all departments with a single platform enhances the communication across all the units in real time which is automatically updated to reduce the human intervention and also reduce the chances of human errors. ERP is a centralized system which helps in delivering real-time information and keeps all the departments up to date.

With ERP integration,  industries can automate all their tasks and assure seamless delivery of information in real time. This automation helps in reducing the risks of human errors in data. Automation also provides better control over all the business processes with all functional databases. Seamlessness in information delivery facilitates in boosting productivity of all business functions. 

At Lighthouse, we develop customized and the most modernized software solutions for industries specifically to meet their unique needs. Lighthouse ERP is the best and one of the most customizable enterprise solutions. All of the modules in the ERP system can be customized uniquely for different industries from different domains. 

Lighthouse ERP enhances all the business functions and assists industries to scale their services worldwide. Lighthouse ERP software services as the backbone for numerous production firms and industries. Not only it integrates the different systems and units, but also provides security of data with cloud computing and bridges the communication  gap within business units and customers. Lighthouse ERP streamline the workflow of manufacturing firms and benefits them in efficient manufacturing, inventory, maintenance, and supply.

Equipping Lighthouse ERP has benefitted numerous textile and leather manufacturing industries to drive sales, generate a good revenue stream and expand their businesses limitlessly without  much effort. Through this blog we’ve defined how Lighthouse ERP assists different industrial domains in Unnao city. 

ERP for Leather and Textile industry

Unnao city ranks 2nd in the list of top leather manufacturing industries in India after Kanpur.  The leather, tanning and textile industries in Unnao have prospered a lot since the last few decades. The leather products of Unnao are famous all over the world. Many big leather manufacturing companies have set their factories in Unnao. Having a large industrial size means it requires a powerful ERP system. Lighthouse comprises all the unique functionalities that ERP for leather industry and ERP for textile industry demand for. Lighthouse ERP is highly customizable and the most reliable software for leather manufacturing and textile manufacturing industries. With Lighthouse ERP, businesses can scale worldwide and boost their sales and services with increasing demand.

ERP for Food manufacturing industry

Food processing industries in India are amongst the largest manufacturing industries. The food industry ranks 5th in terms of goods production, supply, and consumption. India is emerging as one of the largest food production countries in the world.  Growing population is the sole reason for rapid increase in the demand for food production. For managing such high demand, food industries in India are looking to upgrade their existing softwares and systems. Lighthouse is bespoked especially for ERP for food manufacturing industry to meet ever growing  demands of Indian citizens. Lighthouse ERP handles all the daunting challenges in the food industry such as inventory, maintenance and customer service to aid food industries with better production and effective management. 

ERP for Chemical Industry

Most manufacturing industries in Unnao and all over India are highly dependent on chemical industries for chemical products.  Chemical industries play an important role in the development of various industrial sectors. Due to such heavy use of chemical products in almost every industry and household, chemical industries face countless challenges regarding their management, production, inventory and supply. The most common challenges that chemical industries go through are  management, control costs, efficiency, productivity, integration of different operations, and human resources. For this, we customize our Lighthouse ERP software for chemical industry to cater their unique requirements. Lighthouse ERP is the best software for chemical industries for integrating the departments and processes such as supply chain, procurement, logistics, production, inventory, maintenance, and finance. 

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