ERP Software for FMCG Industry

ERP for FMCG Industry ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

FMCG, acronym for Fast Moving Consumer Goods are the goods which are sold for rapid consumption. FMCG’s are non-durable goods, which means it has to be consumed with short span of time. These products include skincare products, packed food, dry goods, beverages, cosmetics, chocolates, frozen goods, and over-the-counter medication. The expiration period for these goods is short, thus has to be sold and consumed as early as possible, hence named as Fast Moving Consumer goods. These products are used on everyday basis, hence the consumption rate of the FMCG products is considerably high than other durable products.

FMCG industries companies plays a crucial role in driving the economy of any country. Fast moving consumer goods companies have relatively high turnover, and market is quite competitive. Along with that, a reliable distribution network is of utmost importance for FMCG industries to stay in business. The cost of Fast Moving Consumer Goods is low, hence it is possible for people to buy them over and over again. This populates the demand for FMCG products, compelling the industry to stay in operation 24/7. FMCG products can be classified into various categories.

Ready Packaged Food Instant noodles, ready food
Baked Food Cookies, puffs, doughnuts
Dairy and Processed Food Cheese, pasta, cottage cheese
Beverages Mineral water, soda, cold drinks, and juices
Fresh Foods Vegetables and fruits
Frozen Goods Frozen peas, carrots, etc
Dry fruits Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Nuts
Toiletries Toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, bathing salt
Cosmetics Face-wash, eye-liners, lipsticks
Medicines Sprays, relievers, aspirin
Cleaning Products Cleaners, liquid soap, liquid gel
Stationary Pens, pencils, markets, erasers, refills
Stationary Pens, pencils, markets, erasers, refills
Food Grains Wheat, rice, maize, pulses, coarse cereals, flour
Spices Cardamom, cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, Garam masala, fennel seeds, etc
Chemicals Paints, solvents, vinegar, rub alcohol, mouthwash, etc

ERP software for FMCG industry can control the drive of operations in industry. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The software is responsible for proper planning and allotment of resources. In addition to that, the software has various other features and benefits that can completely change the way FMCG industries operate. ERP software for Fast Moving Consumer Goods gives a system wide integration to entire business, which ultimately results in seamless exchange of information and eases the communication inside the industry. The software also facilitates central storage of information, so when required the information can be fetches regardless of geographical boundaries. The entire ERP software for FMCG industries relies on various modules, which creates a network of divisions and departments.

Lighthouse ERP is the magnum opus of ERP software. Lighthouse ERP software is the quintessential how an ERP software functions. Lighthouse ERP is an rigid solution for all the FMCG industries. Various modules in Lighthouse ERP seamlessly communicate with each other, and exchange information and statistics responsible for proper functioning of the FMCG industry. Bagging 35+ years of expertise and experience in implementing and designing ERP software, Lighthouse Info constantly upgrades its ERP software with time. Lighthouse ERP completely simplifies the intricate operations and processes in FMCG industries, enabling automation for efficient functioning.

Benefits of ERP software for FMCG Industries

Full automation in ERP software enables the industry to meet the demand and supply of products rapidly.

Business Intelligence analyses the statistics and information to facilitate management team to take strategic decisions based on real time statistics.

Finance and Accounts are easy to manage as every transaction is record and stored in real time, and is available in few clicks at every instance necessary.

ERP software for FMCG industry makes it easy to track the inventory and stocks with the help of inventory management module.

ERP software for FMCG industry not only keeps inventory in check, but ensures the quality of the products is intact and up to the mark.

Modules in ERP for FMCG Industries

Inventory Management

Inventory management module keeps the track of products. It also keeps the check on distribution of the products after manufacturing them. All batches of finished products and goods are recorded in inventory management.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management or CRM helps the software to keep track of transaction between customer and industry. It also helps in sending newsletters and promotional emails. CRM monitors the campaigns of the products.

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts module is important module as this module helps in tracking all the financial transactions in industry. Also accounts can help in creating a proper balance sheet at any instance when required.

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