ERP Software For Chemicals

ERP for Chemicals, Pesticides & Fertilizers

Industries for chemical, pesticide, & fertilizer includes intricate processes and operations. Entire industry has to take safety measures and caution in order to avoid any harm to health as chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers are heavily toxic in nature. Due to this operations and processes has to be carried out with extreme precision. Chemical compositions of all chemicals, pesticides, & fertilizers has to be accurate so that the product quality does not get ruined.

ERP software is the best solution to deal with all the problems that occurs in chemical, pesticides, & fertilizers industry. ERP for chemical industry is a robust solution which helps in tackling errors and mistakes. ERP software pesticides and fertilizers helps industry achieve system-wide integration for seamless exchange of information and data, resulting in easy access at any instance needed. ERP software creates a network of departments and divisions. Inventory and financial accounts can be easily management using ERP software for chemicals, pesticides, & fertilizers.

The Lighthouse ERP for Chemical Industry helps transform raw materials from the natural environment into products that are useful in industrial and consumer markets. Lighthouse ERP is designed to handle the specific needs of batch manufacturing based on formulas, and accurate Quality Control (QC) testing. to efficiently and effectively manage record formulation, quality control, customer relationship management, production and financial reporting

Control on costs, Price products with precision

Material costs, Overhead costs and Process wise costs

Carry out raw material pricing estimates before manufacturing

Carry out batch wise semi finished and WIP pricing while manufacturing

Perform detailed product costing and variance analysis to control product costs

Perfect your planning

Manage stocks better. Save costs. Avoid wastage.

Create better material and capacity plans with Lighthouse production planning

Define planning at item level for better control – Material Requirement Plan, Monthly Production Schedule, Reorder Level, etc.

Create multi-level BOM, BOM Variants and BOM with co-products and by-products

Adopt industry best practices

Use standard to actual yield calculations to manage variance analysis

Maintain product attributes of your products

Manage product shelf life, expiry dates and best before utilization

Traceability throughout the manufacturing process from receipt of raw material to finished goods

Implement formula security to ensure safety of your patented products

Use multi units of measure for Quantity and numbers or SKUs for managing stock

Produce finished product in bulk and sell in multiple SKUs

Manage product quality for inward, in-process, and outward materials and capture important quality parameters during each stage

Ensure detailed quality checks at every stage of manufacturing

Maintain process parameters during the production process eg. temperature, moisture

Integrate real-time data collection in ERP for real time status on production and delivery schedules

Why Lighthouse ERP?