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Kanpur has flourished a lot in the industrial sectors. The main industrial sectors in Kanpur include chemicals, fertilizers, iron & steel, detergent, food processing, aerospace, footwear, electronics, power, and automobiles sector. All these industries are highly functional and always in high demand. Having a huge industrial size means it requires a robust system to carry out all the functions systematically and ensure the manifold production and delivery in a seamless manner. 

Due to the digital transformation, all industries are shifting towards hiring new technologies in the business. ERP is one such technology which has benefited businesses in many ways. The ERP system is ever evolving and becoming the chief foundation for numerous manufacturing firms. It has the power to transform all the business functions to make them more efficient.  With ERP, many big companies and business firms have built a successful empire and are still growing dad-by-day. 

At Lighthouse, we develop customized and the most modernized software solutions for industries specifically to meet their unique needs. Lighthouse ERP is the best and one of the most customizable enterprise solutions. All of the modules in the ERP system can be customized specifically for different industries from different domains. Many industries in the cities of Kanpur are based on  Chemical, Fertilizers, Iron and Steel, Detergents, Food processing Units, Aerospace, Textiles, Footwear, Electronics, Power, Automobiles domains. Through this blog, we have focused on 5 of the most important industries and how Lighthouse ERP and its modules can be customized as per these industry domains. 

Textile Industries in Kanpur :

Kanpur city is famous for its textile and leather industries and therefore is called “the Manchester of Asia”. India's industrial economy mostly relies on Textile industries as it is the second largest country in terms of textile output. Textile industries represent more than 4% of the total GDP of India and It obtains more than 14% of countries export income which makes it the largest manufacturing sector in India. Therefore, textile industries today require a powerful management system to keep their pace of growth and fulfill the public's growing demand. With Lighthouse ERP for textile Industry organizations can easily handle a plethora of challenging manufacturing tasks such as procurement, inventory, human resources, maintenance and process automation. 

Chemical Industry in Kanpur : 

Most manufacturing industries are highly dependent on chemical industries for chemical products.  Industries such as Textile, paper mill, detergent, pharmaceutical, plastic, dye, etc. relies heavily on chemical processing. Chemical industries play the most important role in industrial development of other industrial sectors. Due to this, they face countless challenges regarding their management, control costs, efficiency, productivity, integration of different operations, and human resources. For this, we customize our Lighthouse ERP software for chemical industries to cater their unique requirements. Lighthouse ERP is the best best erp software for chemical industry for integrating the departments and processes such as supply chain, procurement, logistics, production, inventory, maintenance, and finance. 

Iron and Steel Industry in Kanpur :

India marks 2nd in the list of top iron and steel production countries in the world. The steel industry in India heavily relies on material availability and cost-effective labour. The steel industries in Kanpur are one of the most modernistic industries with state-of- art manufacturing systems. For maintaining growth and scalability, the Iron and steel industry depends on the ERP system. ERP assists Steel and Iron industries in dealing with countless challenges regarding Labour intensive, Inventory management, Logistics and supply chain Management,  Production planning and growth of the business. Lighthouse ERP facilitates both  governments and private sector steel industries in streamlined task management with a cloud based centralized platform.

Food Processing Units industry in Kanpur :

The food manufacturing industry India is emerging as one of the leading food production industries in the world. As the population is increasing, the demand for food is also topping the graphs. The food manufacturing sector in India is one of the most high-profiting industries. Even in the future, Agriculture would be considered as the most important sector for the new world. Maintaining the food industry and keeping up with the growing competition seems unbelievable without an ERP software solution. Lighthouse crafts its ERP systems for food manufacturing and agriculture industries to tackle their specific challenges such as inventory, maintenance and customer service to aid food industries with better production and effective management.

Electronics Industry in Kanpur :

Electronic industries in India are among the fastest growing and most important industries. Electronics industries produce several essential electronic products which are categorized in seven main segments. These seven segments are  consumer electronics, industrial electronics, communications and broadcasting electronics, strategic electronics, computer hardware, electronic components, and LED products. Electronic industries are one of the major and most important industries both for other industries and household needs. The demand for electric products is increasing day by day in the market. Thus, to cater this ever growing need Electronic industries totally rely on their ERP software. Lighthouse ERP incorporates several useful functions that would enhance and stimulate the production growth of the Electronic industry. Lighthouse ERP deals with several distinctive challenges  within the Electronic industry such as managing complex supply chain, service and warranty management, uncertain public demand, and sustainability of products and resources. 

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