Best ERP software in Bulandshahr

Best ERP software in Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr district lies in the proximity of Meerut city of the Uttar Pradesh state. The district is one of the important industrial sectors in India. The  major industrial sectors in Bulandshahr are agro based industry, sugar mill, milk production, ceramics, chemical processing, and metal processing. These industries are very labour intensive, require high maintenance, and need precise machinery and reporting systems to carry out the tasks efficiently. 

Due to some major industrial acts such as Green Revolution for agriculture and White Revolution for milk production, the industries have produced a massive amount of crops and milk and managing such heavy production is unimaginable without better strategies and systems. 

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that is designed to organize all the important manufacturing tasks in the industries. It meticulously handles all the important functions and production processes after integrating all the departments with an all accessible cloud platform. ERP equips manufacturing industries with new technologies which aids the manufacturers in completing all the daily missions on time. 

Lighthouse ERP is regarded as the most reliable and the best ERP software in Bulandshahr. Lighthouse ERP facilitates seamless exchange of information across all the departments in real-time with the help of cloud-platform. Implementing Lighthouse ERP harnesses  manufacturing companies with state-of-art technology for management and process automation. Lighthouse ERP comprises several hitech features such as Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, and Automation which assists businesses to enhance the productivity of their business.

Through this blog we’ve explained how ERP benefits different industries in Bulandshahr :

ERP for Agro based industry 

Agro based industries are crucial for countries industrial and economic development. Agro industries provide raw materials for various industries such as sugar, fertilizer, textile, chemical, etc. They provide huge employment opportunities for rural as well as urban people. However, these industries go through immense challenges regarding seasonal market demands, raw material supply, and lack of technical support. Lighthouse ERP for agro industry assists in inventory tracking, logistics, and supply chain management with an all-inclusive dashboard which gives total transparency and control over the processes. 

ERP for Sugar mill

Sugar industries are considered amongst the largest agro based industries. Sugar is the most commonly used food item in almost every household. Therefore, they are one of the most process intensive industries. To manage all the business processes in a sophisticated way, sugar industries need to employ ERP software in the business. Lighthouse ERP handles all the daunting tasks and streamlines all the manufacturing processes. Lighthouse ERP for sugar industries controls and organizes inventory, production, supply chain, and logistics operations and synchronizes all the tasks to optimize the workflow and emphasize the business performance.

ERP for Milk production and dairy industry

Milk and dairy industries go through lots of challenges regarding the huge variety of products, increasing consumer demands, cold storage of milk products, and production. Lighthouse ERP for milk industry is a reliable solution for overseeing all the production processes with full transparency and real-time data analytics. Lighthouse ERP provides detailed insights over the condition of stored goods, raw material quality, and the state of products during the supply.  

ERP for Ceramics industry

Ceramics industries challenges are different from other industries. These industries produce delicate ceramic products which need to be handled carefully and be delivered on time as well. Thus, for effective management of such difficult inventory , ceramic industries need to hire high precision software solutions, such as Lighthouse ERP. Lighthouse ERP is the most  reliable software with an advanced reporting system and highly dynamic dashboard for better transparency over the manufacturing, storing and logistics processes. 

ERP for Chemical processing industry

Chemical industries are vital for every manufacturing industry for manufacturing purposes. Chemicals are used in almost every industry. Manufacturing industries such as textile, paper, detergent, pharmaceutical, plastic, dye, furniture, paint, etc. rely heavily on chemicals for production work. Therefore Chemical industries are essential for industrial development of other manufacturing industries. Due to such heavy demand, chemical industries face numerous challenges in management, productivity, control costs, efficiency of workflow, productivity, and business process enhancement. Lighthouse ERP for chemical industry assists in various ways through its different modules for each function integrated with a single platform. Lighthouse ERP manages inventory, human resource, production processes, supply chain, procurement, and finance.

ERP for Metal processing industry

Meta industries are the most process and labour intensive industries. Metal industries produce base materials for every industry's foundation and therefore are amongst the most important industrial sectors. Their production and inventory size is large as compared to other industries. To maintain the productivity and profitability, we develop advanced and customized software solutions for metal industries. Lighthouse ERP for metal industry in automating the production tasks and increases  productivity. Lighthouse ERP integrates all the systems through a cloud platform which allows metal industries to scale limitlessly without employing more softwares and systems to the business.

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