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Durgapur and Ranigunj are two of the major industrial hub in India. Many public sectors and private sector industries are operating from Durgapur and Ranigunj. These industries are large, and hence need a proper digital solution to ensure that industries present in Durgapur and Ranigunj function properly. ERP software is the perfect digital solution for all industries as it provides various features to improve efficiency in the industry. Modern industries require modern solutions, and to cater to all these modern needs ERP software is a perfect solution.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a business-performance software that streamlines all the business activities and operations in the industry. Enterprise Resource Planning software meticulously utilizes all the available resources in the industry to ensure that all the operations are executed on the expected timeline to avoid losses in business. ERP software comprises features that include Industrial Automation, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. These features of ERP software give it the edge to improve workflow in the industry. ERP software caters to the entire industry for its requirements.

How ERP software helps the industries?

ERP software streamlines all the business operations and activities by giving absolute control of overall operations. ERP is itself a business performance software. ERP software ensures that all the operations are completed on time. ERP software is an end-to-end solution for all industries to deliver high-productivity. High productivity results in meeting customer's demands and maintain a proper supply chain in the industry. ERP software makes use of all the resources in the industry and creates a specific plan for the industry operations so that all operations are performed in series of plans.

ERP software heavily relies on its components. Components in ERP software are its modules. Modules in ERP software create an interconnected network of all the departments and divisions in the industry to facilitate seamless communication. This communication and exchange are done in real-time so that information is available at any instance. All the information is stored on the central server for easy access without geographical challenges. A perfect ERP software provides a high degree of scalability to ensure the software does not crash. Modules help the ERP software to function impeccably and flawlessly.

Features in ERP software like Business Intelligence help the software to analyze information and data in the industry using tools like data analytic, data visualization, and data mapping. It also delivers various reports for strategic planning and decision-making. Industrial Automation aids the industry in achieving complete automated processes. This eliminates the human intervention which otherwise results in delays in operations and activities. Internet of Things or IoT feature in ERP software helps the industry in getting real-time data and alerts. Any malfunction in sensors results in immediate notification and alerts to the relevant team to take certain actions to avoid disaster in the industry.

Best ERP software in Durgapur and Ranigunj

Lighthouse Info Systems is the leading ERP provider to myriad industries. Lighthouse Info Systems designs and implements industry-specific ERP software that renders various services to the industries. Lighthouse ERP software by Lighthouse Info Systems is a tailor-made ERP software designed to deliver outstanding results in every industry it is implemented. Lighthouse ERP software is continuously evolving and upgrading for 35+ years to meet all requirements in the industry.

Lighthouse Info Systems provides cost-effective business performance software solutions including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and Mobility Solutions. Our ERP software is the best in Durgapur and Ranigunj and provides ERP solutions in major industries in various vectors. Every enterprise is different, hence we design customized and tailor-made ERP software to meet the industry needs. Lighthouse Info Systems has deployed 300+ ERP projects in India and across the globe that are helping industries to grow and increase their output.

Lighthouse Info Systems provides ERP and other business performance software solutions to several industries various verticals. Industries like the manufacturing industry, steel industry, plastic industry, textile industry, fastener industry, power transmission industry, infrastructure industry, civil engineering industry, and trading industry are all that can render the services of Lighthouse ERP software. We at Lighthouse, understand that every industry and enterprise is different and unique, hence we design customized ERP software for all our clients that suits their requirements and needs. Lighthouse ERP is easy to use and the most efficient ERP software.

Components in Lighthouse ERP software

Components of ERP software are its modules. These modules help the ERP software in proper functioning. Here are some of the modules listed below of Lighthouse ERP software:

Finance and Accounts

The finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP software manages and maintains all the account receivable, account payable, general ledger, cash flow, banking transactions, and expenditures and commitment. This module records all the financial transactions in the industry.

Quality Control

The quality control module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing all the quality-related activities. This module ensures that the quality of all the manufactured products is top-notch and follows all the regulations, guidelines, and standards defined by various organizations.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing the procurement of raw material, warehousing, and manufactured products & items. The inventory management module allots unique serial numbers or lot numbers to the products to easily track and identify the stock of manufactured products.

Production Planning

The production planning module in Lighthouse ERP systems helps the industry in planning and scheduling production. The production planning and scheduling module in Lighthouse ERP software streamlines all the production-related activities and operations to maintain the planned timeline.


Lighthouse ERP is the best ERP software in Durgapur and Ranigunj. Lighthouse Info Systems are a leading business software provider of ERP, CRM, HRMS, and Mobility Solutions. Lighthouse ERP excels in every way and provides flawless performance to increase output for the industry.

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