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PPC Services in India

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC management company in India is a model for marketing on internet through advertisements. In PPC, a brand or business can buy the visits by paying fees for showing ads on search engines. Search Engine advertising is mostly used for PPC form. Each time a visitor clicks a ads, a amount is deducted as fees from search engine. PCC is one of the best way to get paid audience for your target niche. Lighthouse is the best Social Media Marketing Company in India. Lighthouse is one of the best Social Media Marketing Agency. Lighthouse provides the Best ppc service in india. We are the best YouTube advertising agency in India. Lighthouse is the best Facbook advertising, lead generation agency in India. Lighthouse is the best lead generation company. We have expert team that looks over the PPC activities and Social Media Marketing Services, and has been proven.

Lighthouse Digital minimizes the cash burn in PPC with quality leads.

Lighthouse Digital provides flawless PPC services with expertise team.

We do PPC region-wise, demographic wise, and peak hours wise.

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Best PPC Services in India

Google Ads

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Google Ads is the best channel for PPC placement.

Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads can be placed for more social media exposure.

Linked-In Ads

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A more professional approach on Linked-In through Ads.

Amazon Ads

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Amazon is the best e-commerce platform for your e-commerce ads.

PPC can be used by the channels

online reputation management
amazon ppc services
flipkar ppc services
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Leader in PPC services in India

Lighthouse Digital aims to create a business ecosystem for the client for attracting potential customers to client’s business. Lighthouse Digital uses various PPC strategies for management of ads in such a way that client’s cash burn is minimized and maximum leads are achieved. We have expert team that looks over the PPC activities, and has been proven outstanding for various clients. Lighthouse Digital is the best PPC service provider in India.

  • Google PPC Network
  • Gmail Competitor Ads
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Strategic bid management
  • PPC account settings
  • Setup and management
  • Results analysis/reporting
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google Display Network
  • Industry analysis

Top Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • PPC helps in boosting the traffic on the brand’s website and attract more customers.
  • Pay Per Click model helps the business to increase their sales by attracting new customers.
  • PPC helps in meticulously analyzing various marketing strategy ultimately decreasing advertisement cost.
  • Real time ad performance data can be fetched and analyzed using PPC model of advertisement.
  • In PPC model of advertising, the business only pay fees for clicks, hence it is extremely cost efficient.

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