Industrial Automation for Factory Management

Published on : 01/05/2021

Publisher : R. Deshmukh

Industrial automation is in trend with the current era of digitization. Every industry is opting for automation and automation is really helping the industries eliminate human intervention and cut down on the delays that are associated with it. Factories have intricate operations and processes that need to be taken care of during the manufacturing or production process, and every factory needs some digital business performance solutions that can ameliorate the operations and process. Industries have been suffering from poor and proper workflow, and a digital solution can help the industries to manage and maintain all the operations properly with complete control. ERP for factory automations helps all sorts of industries.

What is ERP automation?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is business performance software that streamlines all the processes and operations in the industry to improve the efficiency of the functionalities and work. ERP software meticulously utilizes all the available resources in the industry to make workflow smooth. ERP software comes with great features like Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Industrial Automation. These features make the ERP software a perfect solution for all the industries. ERP software acts as a backbone for all the factory management industries that needs proper monitoring and controlling on the operations and processes that goes on in the industry.ERP software heavily relies on its components. The components include the modules in the Enterprise Resource Planning software. Modules form an interconnected network of all the departments and divisions for seamless communication.

The Best ERP software always has core modules that exchanges information among themselves in real time. This exchange of information helps the industries to cut down on the human intervention and steadily fasten up the tasks and processes that are involved in the factory management. All the information and data are stored on central server and every record is accessible at any given instance. Modules are the core components of ERP software that helps the software to function properly.

What is Automation in Factory Management?

Enterprise Resource Planning software comes with feature like automation. Automation completely transforms how a factory works. Automation helps the industries and factories to cut down on human intervention and delays associated with it. With automation, every task is completed and forwarded to responsible module for next operation or process. Automation in ERP software also helps in cutting down data storage and automatically stores the information and data on central server and gives real time updates. Automation in factory management ERP software saves time and money by completing tasks on time and meeting the expected deadlines.

Automation when coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things makes great impact on the working operations of the factory. ERP systems with the help of automation can power down the systems, planning machine and equipment maintenance, and schedule the production or manufacturing operations and processes in. Enterprise Resource Planning automation software helps the industries in dealing with ton of workload with ease. The Best ERP software for Automation keeps the threshold of the operations low and helps in increasing the productivity. Automation in ERP software also helps in cost cutting for the factories by eliminating the paper stacks and storing all the information on central servers. ERP software for manufacturing industry gets profuse help with automation. Manufacturing automation management keeps the industry up and running.

Best ERP software for Factory automation

Lighthouse ERP software is the best ERP software for factory management. Lighthouse ERP is constantly upgrading and evolving since 35+ years to cater to all the modern industry requirements. Lighthouse ERP software streamlines all the processes and operations in the industry or factory to make the work smooth and workflow proper. Our ERP software helps the industries to ameliorate the intricate operations and processes and make them smooth resulting in improved efficiency.


Industrial automation is helping the factories dealing with myriad of work and operations and smoothing them out. To put it laconically, Lighthouse ERP software is the best ERP software for factory management and automation. Our ERP software helps the industries to streamline the operations and completing all the operations on time in the expected deadline.