ERP Software For Transformer

ERP for Transformer Industry

Electrical Equipment manufacturing companies that produce Transformers face several critical challenges from Procurement to Timely deliveries.

There are different types of transformers based on size, color, design, voltage rating and various other parameters, so manufacturers have to manage entire production planning, procurement, production assembly and deliveries based on specific client requirements.

Lighthouse ERP for Transformer Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has evolved since 1987 and is constantly upgraded according to the market needs. Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution in ERP for Transmission Industry. Lighthouse technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Benefits of ERP for Transformer Industry

Industry-specific ERP software eliminates the delays and gives the production a huge boost.

Trails of paper and stacks are eliminated as the information and records are stored digitally.

Automation and Business Intelligence helps the industry to gain insights and take strategic business decisions based on statistics.

Production planning and scheduling can be done with ease, completely controlling the process.

Complete information is stored centrally for easy access whenever needed, also all information and data is secured.

Key Features in Transformer Industry

Sales Management: Detail and accurate capturing of customer requirements including size, color, design, voltage rating, tolerances, technical specifications and other commercial terms.

Production Planning: of (similar product process group or similar type of Semi finished good or Raw Material group) in one work order plan to save production time. Work Center/ Process wise Planning details.

Multi-Level, Process-Specific Bills of Material: Unlimited, pre-defined, BOMs meet the unique needs of your manufacturing processes, reflect critical interdependencies, routings for accurate scheduling and planning.

Production & Operations: Machine wise, Operator wise, Shift wise, Production Capturing with rejection, shortage quantity, Tools and Consumables required.

Work Order Status: Process/ Stage wise status of Customer Order which are under production.

Shopfloor Management: MIS on Work Centers wise Daily Production. Factors like breakdown time, machine setting time, power outage etc. are also logged.

Quality Control: Process wise inspection & QC to capture rejected, rectified, accepted material; Detailed process of raising customer inspection call, inspection result, Rework/ Reject management.

Why Lighthouse ERP?