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Lighthouse ERP for Edible Oil

Lighthouse ERP software system has brought tremendous advantages to SARL’s production operations. The company can now respond quickly to changing market conditions by tailoring daily price changes and schemes to align with different products and locations.

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Lighthouse ERP for FMCG

When demand and revenue surged, Baidyanath's siloed applications made it difficult to support informed decision making. After implementing Lighthouse ERP latest version in 2014, all levels of the firm gained access to business-critical information and detailed visibility into costs by product categories Schemes, Regions and across distribution levels .

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Lighthouse ERP for Agro Trading

SNN was founded in 1919 in Nagpur, India and today it is a major manufacturer and exporter for agro products, seeds, grains. Apart from being the Industry pioneers, the company is also one of the largest exporters of rice.

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Lighthouse ERP for EPC

A fast-growing economy and numerous government-led initiatives make India a true land of opportunity. To make the most of this, engineering, procurement and construction company SIPS sought to build a more integrated and agile enterprise with greater control over costs and with enhanced workforce productivity.

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Lighthouse ERP for Milk

Madhusudan Group's Dairy business unit- Creamy Foods Ltd. was evaluating ERP for dairy management to integrate its different business process across Operations- Village Farmer Collection, Logistics & Inventory, Production, Sales & Distribution along with Commercial and Financials.

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Lighthouse Enterprise Mobility App

The domestic and commercial fuel supply to Auto LPG distribution company was looking for a centralized solution to automate its various points of sale, as well as get micro level control on material consumption.

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Lighthouse ERP for Mining

Mr. Mukesh Tiwari, Director- Operations was part of the Mammonth ERP Project. “In fact, in those days we had six factories and each had its own local server!”The problem was that this fragmented system didn’t allow Rohit Ferrotech to drive central process standardization, or enable seamless transactions.

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Lighthouse ERP for Mineral Alloys and Export

MSP Ferro Alloys is a globally significant ferro alloys manufacturer based in India. Global changes in the steel market and rapid technological development in this field have set challenges for their business operations and production.

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Lighthouse ERP For Discrete Industry

SSPL inhouse excel based planning activity wasn’t helping them in utilizing their production capacity with their raw material inventory or manage customer demand.

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