Lighthouse Mission

Mission & Vision

Lighthouse knows business management ERP solutions like no one else. It’s our one focus.

While many competitors target multiple vertical markets, Lighthouse has a singular focus —
delivering essential software solutions that empower the manufacturing and trading industry. It’s also where many of our employees served prior to joining our team.

Since 1987 Lighthouse Info Systems has been focusing on delivering innovative solutions catering to business users across several industries and of all sizes and scale. Our 100% in-house developed solutions support the entire software lifecycle, from requirements through design, development, modernization up to deployment and testing

Our clients benefit from Lighthouse:

Industry leadership

Professional team of experts

Breadth of products and solutions

Commitment to our clients

Continued development of our products

Success requires the right combination of many factors — a well-designed strategy, consistent execution, feature-rich and industry-proven products, talented employees and a solid brand identity. Underscoring each of these components is the one fundamental question: how can our clients get tangible business value?

The simplest answer for us is to develop, implement, and support software solutions that deliver — again and again. For our clients, this means delivering the right types of systems to address their many complex needs. And for our employees, this means fostering the right work environment — one that encourages them to innovate, create and achieve success personally and professionally.

Success Mantra:

Customer Focus

The Lighthouse mission is to form long-term partnerships with customers based on trust, support and bottom-line, measurable ROI. Manufacturers worldwide trust Lighthouse to develop products that meet their needs in a rapidly changing, global manufacturing environment. Our broad range of execution and support skills guarantee the maximum benefits and satisfaction of our solutions, making us a market leader in manufacturing and services industry. More than 30 years experience and a positive track record allowed Lighthouse to become a recognized Oracle technology based Business solutions provider across India, Mid-East, Africa and South-East Asia.

ERP software designed for you.

We're not resellers of business software, we built Lighthouse ERP from the ground up. Integrated with manufacturing and distribution features that are essential to you and the world you work in. The results: a faster implementation, better reliability, easier support, and less cost to maintain. This means you'll experience more efficiency, a quicker ROI and increased revenue; benefits even the biggest sceptic on your team will love.

Growth and Profitability

Lighthouse has been profitable every year since it was founded with double digit revenue gains, even as manufacturing markets have tightened. In addition to financial success, Lighthouse continues to grow across all departments, expand software development, and maintain a 95 percent customer retention rate (well above the industry standard).

Vision for the Future

As technology evolves, so does Lighthouse's software. From mobile capabilities to the ever increasing need for instantaneous visibility, collaboration and communication, Lighthouse Info Solutions for ERP, HRM, CRM and Web Portals will continue to secure a strategic place in manufacturing as a complete, enterprise-wide solution.

Why Lighthouse ERP?