Ferro Alloys Industry Setup is one which involves a lot of logistics points throughout the material supply chain: from Raw material procurement to incoming, quality inspections, in-premise inventory management, material management for production, bulk produced material to final finished products.

To support the entire value chain, MSP Ferro Alloys integrated the Lighthouse ERP solution and experienced decreased inventory and lower procurement costs. Pertama Ferro Alloys can now make global decisions based on real -time information. Complete visibility into operations means it can supply the high- tech components that keep customer factories running.

The final products of the plant will be Ferro manganese and Ferro silicon. These final products are consumed locally as well as exported to countries worldwide.


Increase in procurement savings


Decrease in inventory levels


Reduction in uncollectible accounts receivable


Integrate data across business areas to access information in real time

Establish flexible, scalable software to accommodate business changes quickly

Meet customer product specifications and delivery requirements

Create a niche in the global outsourcing arena

“More-efficient operations and better data access are giving us the edge we need to compete in the global marketplace. We are saving money in the process.”

Deepak Das, GM-IT -MSP Ferro Alloys Ltd.


Global changes in the steel market and rapid technological development within the field have set challenges for the business operations and production of MSP Ferro Alloys.

Shrinivas Malge, a consultant involved in the project from the beginning says “Our close partnership has ensured that we have been able to continuously develop solutions that support our customer’s business operations as well as our own operations in order to better serve our customer’s needs.” Partnership that supports MSP’s operations.

Diverse expertise for the benefit of the customer from process design to deployment and rapid application development for new requirement/ changes realized during implementation. Over the decades, the partners have completed a number of individual projects. In the new millennium, development activities based on the needs of both partners have mainly focused on project operations and commercial impact.

Massive PFA project

In 2007, MSP Ferro Alloys setup a massive project for Ferro Alloys Furnaces in Raigarh. Lighthouse had also been involved in the pre-planning phase along with Commissioning team of project consultants.

The objective of the project was to improve the production and operational efficiency of the plant.Global changes in the steel market and rapid technological development within the field have set challenges for the business operations and production of MSP Ferro Alloys.

The Ferro Alloys project emphasized Lighthouse’s ability to offer multi-disciplinary expertise. Lighthouse was responsible not only systems design and implementation, but also brought process expertise from other implementations bringing in several innovations to meet their unique requirements across supply chain, in- premise movement and tracking, production and quality. At its peak, the project had 10 specialists from Lighthouse to deliver the solution. For MSP, Lighthouse has been a one stop shop, which has made the customer’s work easier. The fewer contracting parties there are, the less time the customer needs to spend on coordination and organization. The customer needed to allocate fewer project resources and was able to focus on its key operations. The design of the Ferro Alloys ERP processes were largely based on earlier steel and ferro alloys projects . This shortened the design schedule and ensured that plans from other parties were included in the designs at an early stage.

“For us, our long-term cooperation signifies a trustworthy partnership where we together develop operating methods and solutions that support our business operations. Lighthouse has proven that it has an excellent understanding of our business field. Over the project duration, Lighthouse has become an important and trusted partner ”

Manish Agarwal, M.D.

Working together

Lighthouse had already been involved in the pre-analysis phase.

As a result, it has been able to help MSP in the budgeting and resourcing process, and business managers have been able to estimate the financial impact of the project. Through close cooperation, MSP and Lighthouse have built an open and cordial atmosphere between them, where the two have developed operating methods to flexibly serve MSP’s business needs. The partnership has covered a number of processes in this project: Financials, Materials Management, Production Planning and Control, Q.C., Sales and Dispatch. Logistics and 3rd Party device integration were among the largest and most challenging ones, emphasizing expertise, flexibility and adapting to local standards. In addition, there have been a significant number of process improvements and analytical tools.

Why Lighthouse ERP Solutions

End- to -end solution that handles the entire value chain, delivers real- time information for decision making globally, and provides complete visibility into operations

Flexibility to cater to various business scenarios and customer requirements


Deployed the Lighthouse ERP solution within three months to provide highly scalable software

Integrated with the existing software environment across subsidiaries

Sped up operations, reduced latency periods, and increased control

Gained easy data access and visibility, enabling more frequent reporting and supporting better- informed decisions

About. MSP Ferro Alloys Ltd.

MSP Ferro Alloys Ltd .is one of India’s leading producers of Ferro Alloys since 1997. The plant has 4 furnaces having 9MvA capacity; occupies around 20 hectares in Industrial Zone in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh.

The management actively promotes management initiatives like Six Sigma, TPM, Lean Supply Chain Management for continuous improvement.


Raigarh, Chhattisgarh


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