Lighthouse ERP software system has brought tremendous advantages to SARL’s production operations.The company can now respond quickly to changing market conditions by tailoring daily price changes and schemes to align with different products and locations.

Plus, digitalization of quality management activities is ensuring consistent control over product quality across the entire value chain – from procurement to sales – to safeguard the hard-earned trust of its consumers and customers.


Estimated reduction in



productivity gain with business process automation


Inventory valuation and


SARL wanted to gain the ability to modify prices daily and tailor schemes by market opportunities

There was a need to synchronize sales with procurement, production, and inventory at depots to maximize sales opportunities and optimize inventory holdings

food safety is critical, there was a need to measure and ensure quality at every stage, from procurement to sales

Costing and Profitability across Product categories, geographical region, distribution channels (plants, depots and distributors) to ensure accountability of managers and support strategic decision making

The Process

Lighthouse ERP powered by Oracle, which provides a robust solution for interdepartmental integration and automation

Trusted solutions to manage data in real time for faster insights and better decision making

“Lighthouse ERP gives us full visibility into the business and seamless integration between all business functions. We can now respond more quickly to market conditions and operate with full confidence based on data drawn from Lighthouse applications.”

Ravi Agarwal , Managing Director , SARL.


Integrated inbound and outbound logistic operations into one system

Gained visibility into operations and the ability to determine pricing and profitability accurately with standard costing methodology


Partnering with Lighthouse Info Systems, Saraiwwala Agrr Refineries gained a competitive edge by deploying Lighthouse ERP powered by Oracle technology.

It can now respond quickly to changing market conditions with daily price changes and schemes tailored to different products and locations. The quality management module within the applications helps ensure quality control across the entire value chain – safeguarding the trust placed in Saraiwwala by its customers.

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Saraiwwala Agrr Refineries Ltd is a leading producer and distributor of edible oil and related products across India.


Saraiwwala Agrr Refineries Ltd.


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