Lighthouse ERP For Automation Nuts & Bolts

Strategy Starts on the Shop Floor

SSPL inhouse excel based planning activity wasn’t helping them in utilizing their production capacity with their raw material inventory or manage customer demand.

This was especially seen on the shop floor, where production planning and capacity scheduling were becoming black holes in the information flow, as paper documents traveled manually from station to station.

Ready for Action

SSPL was looking to get better control of shop floor operations, and with ready acceptance in the industry for Lighthouse ERP for Discrete Manufacturing, ERP for Nuts & Bolts Manufacturing looked like the next important step.

The company’s ERP personnel recommended Lighthouse Info Systems based on industry experience and fit with SSPL culture.

Turning Data into Results

Having upgraded to Lighthouse ERP for Transmission Industry fasteners, the solution has comprehensive process coverage quoting, planning, producing and dispatching of products of different ot sizes and application type.

SSPL has high praise for Lighthouse implementation team. They brought a formalized approach to production management and an online collaboration tool that is crucial to success.

Seeing the Big Picture

Since automating shop floor confirmation, SSPL enjoys 99% accuracy on quantity and work-in-progress inputs.

Staff understands how daily responsibilities affect sales & dispatch, and productivity has improved through instant performance feedback. Supervisors can now consult real-time reports before they walk through the plant checking progress face to-face.

A Winning Team

The integrated Oracle based Lighthouse ERP solution at SSPL has changed the entire corporate culture and streamlined the balance of work throughout the company.

In the past, they didn’t understand how to set up targets and effectively manage it across different teams, but now they are all about working together to plan and fine-tune performance against plan.

Way to the Future

There’s often a lack of faith in systems used between front offices and shop floors. The integration among Lighthouse ERP and other production management solutions has led the employees feel like they are part of the team.

With innovative automation solutions for barcodes, RFIDs and IoT driven sensors taking prominence on manufacturing floors, Lighthouse ERP will be the backbone to analyze the disparate data points origination from these various sources.