“With Lighthouse ERP, Shah Nanji Nagsi started counting on optimized processes and integrated management to support its audacious growth target set for 2020.”- Javan Shah


Faster financial Reporting


Reports for decision


More time for strategic



Used baseline methodology to speed deployment

Deploy a solution that would incorporate the long-term growth of the company

Ensure information security

Count on reliable data for making major decisions

Completed the project in 8 months

Optimize management processes to support growth strategy

Meet the demands of corporate governance Resolution

Implemented the Lighthouse ERP for International Trade- Exports and Imports

Totally integrated the solutions

Deployed the Agro erp solution across factories and depots

Redesigned business processes

“In order to achieve this target, we needed to replace the old corporate management system for a more powerful and state-of-the-art solution.”

Ashwin Shah , Director , SNN.


Optimization of processes

Removal of data inconsistency in the closing

Faster accounting and financial closing

More time for strategic tasks

Reliable information, in real time, for decision making

Support for corporate governance

The search for more efficient management processes

SNN was founded in 1919 in Nagpur, India and today it is a major manufacturer and exporter for agro products, seeds, grains. Apart from being the Industry pioneers, the company is also one of the largest exporters of rice.

Throughout its years in business, it has witnessed the importance and value of an increased presence in the agribusiness chain. “Our businesses have grown and become more complex,” acknowledges Ashwin Shah, president of SNN.

The company’s objective is to further expand its business, setting the target of an average annual growth of 10% and reaching revenues.The company was demanding more accurate, updated, and reliable managerial information. “There were significant bottlenecks for the management level. Getting access to sales and purchase information, as well as data related to customer history, was hard and slow,” Shah says.

Moreover, the company had deployed new governance and audit processes not included in the existing system. “If our aim was to grow in a sustainable and structured way, we needed to integrate and automate our management processes by professionalizing the family management of Shah Nanji Nagsi even more,” asserts Shah

SNN deployed Lighthouse ERP in just six months. The company built a team comprising eight key users as well as SNN's board members and experts from Lighthouse . “We redesigned virtually all the business processes, taking into account the best practices suggested by Lighthouse,” says Ravi Nair.

“The standard version of the solution has dealt with over 90% of our processes. We did as little customization as possible,” Nair explains.

As part of this project, SNN also deployed the Agro manufacturing, packaging and dispatch solution by Lighthouse, integrated with Finance cycle. This system, specific to agribusiness, was developed for grains contract management. “ today all our processes including human resources are automated in our new ERP solution,” explains Nair.

Shah was able to begin counting on optimized and integrated processes that adhere to industry and governance best practices. This means that nowadays the company can make quick decisions based on accurate information available in real time. From the management viewpoint, this translates into more business governance and consequent readiness for continuous and rapid growth.

Regarding business outcomes, having reliable information always at managers’ fingertips to support major decision making helps ensure that Shah gains competitiveness. Javan explains, “Based on accurate information available in real time, we can negotiate more effectively and set higher profit margins.

“The availability of management reports in real time allows us to have quick access to relevant information, thus giving our managers more time to work and focus on strategic matters for the company.”

AJavan Shah, SNN.

A number of practical benefits have resulted from the deployment of Lighthouse ERP, including:

Optimization of processes

Removal of data inconsistency in the financial closing process

Faster financial closing

More capability for and time to perform data analysis

“The availability of management reports in real time allows us to have quick access to relevant information,thus giving our managers more time to work and focus on strategic matters for the company,” Javan states.


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