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Finance and Accounts

Manage business’s finances systematically in ERP along with seamless management of invoicing, sales, purchases, inventory, taxes and more.

Material Management

Transform essential input into outputs with complete control over the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling flow of materials easily with the help of ERP.

Sales Marketing and Dispatch

Supervise and govern all the steps involved in presales, sales, and marketing right until the product or good is dispatched in ERP.


Allocate human resource, manage raw materials, equipment, and machines on the production line easily with ERP

Quality Management

ERP can help business achieve the highest quality standards by various modules which can help determine the quality of product based on certain factors.

Logistics and Movement

ERP helps in shipping the product in time with much accuracy along with packing slips, delivery trips, and many other necessary features.

Fixed Asset

Asset registration, classification, tagging, retirement and disposal made easy with ERP for both individual asset as well as composite assets.


Human Resource Management made easy with ERP by allocating manpower, managing salaries, attendance, and shifts of the workers.

Plant Management

ERP makes it easy to take care and keep the plant fully operational by taking the steps necessary to machinery, parts, and types of equipment in good operating conditions.

Project Management

Assign project managers, supervisors and needed staff to work on the project in ERP with ease in Project Management module in ERP.


The import and export module in ERP software lets you manage all the imports of raw material and export of the final product on accurate time also keeping track of activities easily.

SMS & Email Facility

Communication made easy and on the go with the communication management module in ERP. Now communicate seamlessly by SMS or Email in ERP.

Document Management

Forget about the stacks and piles of papers. Document Management made easy, now manage receipts, orders, and delivery reports easily in ERP software.

Task Management

Assigning tasks is just one click away in ERP software as it comes with an integrated Task Management Module. Now assign tasks and manage the timeline effortlessly.

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