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ERP Module for HRM (Human Resource Management)

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HRM stands for Human Resource Management. The Human Resource Management module aids the ERP software in managing human resource. Every industry needs human workforce for their successful operations. All this human workforce is managed by ERP module for Human Resource Management. ERP human resource module also maintains the record of all employees including their name, designation, employee code, salary, & their address. These details are stored in the module securely.

HR module in ERP system manages the attendance of the employee. It also records their skill set so that employees can be assigned to particular task when needed. Payroll is also integrated in the module so that the payroll is generated on time without fail. This automated process requires no human intervention and increase efficiency of ERP software on whole. HRM module of ERP software is a robust solution for all the human resource challenges in business.

ERP for Human resource management caters to all the modern industry needs and requirements. ERP for HRM renders services which simplifies all the processes associated with HR. Lighthouse ERP for HRM is an robust solution for all industries that has to deal with huge human resources. HRM module of Lighthouse ERP is an end-to-end solution to make the workflow smoother. HRM is required in all the industries, but majorly where industry has to deal with lot of human resource. Industries like steel industry, construction & infrastructure industry, textile industry, mining industry, and casting foundry industry are making their operations successful with Lighthouse ERP for HRM.

Over 50% of a human resources department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions. Implementing a human resources management system eliminates much of the routine paperwork associated with HR.

Lighthouse HRMS Benefits

Integrates payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service all in one

Integrates payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service all in one

Fosters stronger, fact-based decisions with better analytics

Ensures compliance and helps avoid risk with government regulations and reporting

Special Features

Time & Attendance: Track your employees' time, attendance, paid time-off and much more from where you are.

Payroll Improve data accuracy and ensure your payroll processing is always completed on time by automating all your HR activities.

Appraisals and Progression From Workforce Planning to Retaining Talent

Employee Self Service Increase your organization's productivity by encouraging your employees to collaborate and share knowledge, and get self information, all in one location.

The Scope in our HRD Module comprise of following:

Recruitment Management

Requisition for manpower and approval

Capturing of Key data in Prospect Resumes

Call letter

Recruitment process - multiples boards and levels

Offer Letter

Appointment letter

Time Office Management

Data acquisition from Attendance Card Reader / Bio Metric System

Manual feeding of attendance or Import from Excel facility

Overtime management

Shift Planning and Rooster

Revised Shift Planning considering the leaves and tour details

Payroll Management

Muster Roll- Attendance breakup in fourteen parts

Salary Generation for Month Wise / Non Month wise

Performance Incentives and Allowance Management

Reimbursement & Claims

Income Tax calculation and Management

Leave, Loan and Arrears Management

Leave Application, Approvals with Leave Encashment

Arrears auto calculation during salary process.

Overtime arrears handling.

Loan application, Approval with deduction details

Loan auto-updation in salary.

Auto linked with Finance and Accounts.

HR Statutory Reports

P.F. / ESIC/ EFPS Reports.

Bank ex-gratia Reports

Several Salary Summaries

LWF (Labour Welfare Fund) Report

Income Tax calculation and Management

PMS (Performance Management System)

Defining KRAs by HODs and approval

Self Assessment by staff

Approval of Staff Self Assessment by HODs and Management

Rating Calculation

Increment Calculation

Department-Grade wise Summary reports on Performance ratings

Training Management

Training Plan entry by HR department

Month-wise Training Calendar report

Training done Detail

Training History & Summary report

Employee Self Service Portal

Leave requisition

Loan requisition

Short leave (less than half day) requisition

Requisition to rectify mis-matches/errors in raw data from attendance recorder.

View documents and HR policies

View/download Payslips

Organizational News, Events, Birthdays etc.