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The entire industry depends upon various tasks for its successful operations. Task management module eases the process of managing these tedious tasks. The industry includes various tasks such as production, manufacturing, delivery, and procurement. These tasks are automatically managed by task management module due to automation feature. Entry of task, assignment of task, and status of task completion are some activities include in task management module.

Managing multiple project simultaneously is difficult and challenging for every industries. To keep these tasks aligned and are handed over to correct person is the responsibility of task management module. Task management module utilizes various resources in the industry for successful operations. Project collaboration, project management, project planning, and manufacturing are key operations of Lighthouse ERP software for task management module in . Lighthouse ERP for task management makes the working of industries like steel industry, exim industry, logistics and warehousing easy and simple with its detailed functions.

The process for managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting.

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