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Plant maintenance module is an integrated solution for the industry’s operational functioning. Plant maintenance module calculates the run time of machines and equipment, and estimates their maintenance time and down time. Machines and equipment are core needs for every industry for it to successful running. These machines and equipment needs to be maintained on proper time for their long life.

Plant maintenance module involves maintaining the machines and equipment of single facility or multiple facility depending on production of the industry. The module also schedules the maintenance, calculates downtime, and maintain calenders for tasks. ERP software for plant maintenance is an absolute solutions for industry. The module helps in maintaining the workflow, preventive maintenance, asset tracking, tracking and purchase, inspection, repair and maintenance, and reports

ERP for plant maintenance serves plethora of purpose in industry. Lighthouse ERP for plant maintenance makes sure all the operations mentioned above are executed efficiently. Lighthouse ERP for plant maintenance is implemented in various industries. Some of those industries are manufacturing industry, steel industry, textile industry, power plants, rolling mills, and steel wire products industry. The wide range of solution deriving Lighthouse ERP for plant maintenance makes it the best ERP for plant maintenance.

Lighthouse ERP Plant Maintenance modules provide the tools necessary to plan, schedule and track a complete maintenance, repair and overhaul program for machines, tools, dies, auxiliary equipment, gages, buildings and more.

Extensive functionality

Eliminate scheduling problems associated with "out for repair" equipment

Avoid costly repairs resulting from over-used or misused equipment

Eliminate disruptions to the production schedule due to last minute and emergency repairs

Improve equipment reliability and longevity

Improve visibility of all costs associated with work center MRO downtime

Improve accuracy of maintenance cost tracking and reporting

Maintenance Management and Communication

Electronic Alerts and Notifications: Email or text alerts for both planned maintenance and unplanned repairs based on actual usage. Notificationand Department clearance before maintenance.

Equipment tree and Maintenance documentation- drawings, charts, and manuals

Automatic Labor & Work Order Scheduling- maintenance calendar and schedule

Spares Inventory: Spares Planning, Requisition, Issue and Consumption, Used part/Scrap Management

Maintenance Audit Trail and Compliance Reporting-Exhaustive reporting for maintenance, drill down to basic transaction from summary view

Easy data entry: drop down Entries, action linking to planning and history

Plant, Equipment Classification& Details:

Location wise, Equipment Category or Type wise classification

Equipment Assembly Codification: linking of various individual machines in an assembly

Exhaustive equipment codification, Technical specification, Installation Details, current Location & Status, Warranty & AMC Details

Equipment Maintenance Planning

Equipment –Spare (Store Items) details required in maintenance planning

Equipment -Tools & Tackles required for maintenance

Equipment –Operations manual (Dos & Don’ts )

Equipment –Jobs (Defining Schedule of Preventive tasks for a particular Equipment)

Maintenance Work done

Single window system for capturing work done against preventive maintenance, defect log, work requisitions, breakdown and shutdowns.

Capturing of details of Jobs done, Spares consumed, Manpower consumed,Time spent, cost incurred, etc.

Inside the plant – by the internal plant maintenance department

From Outside – by the external vendor or AMC service provider contractor

Structured Maintenance logs- capturing Symptoms, Cause, Fault/Failure and Remark etc. This information helps in effective analysis of failures and acts as decision support.

Preventive Maintenance

Inspection Job

Maintenance Job

Frequency of Jobs (Shift / Day / Week / Fortnightly / Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly / Annually )

Jobs planned for during Shutdown / Breakdown.

Equipment-Job wise report for planned and pending work.

Job- Equipment wise report for planned and pending work.

Department-Job wise report for planned and pending work.

Engineer-Equipment / Job wise report for planned and pending work.

Predictive Maintenance

Defect Log – Equipment wise cause of defect, defect details, symptom, fault type, reported engineer etc.

Work Requisitions – Any unplanned / planned inspection findings and/or based on observations found from past failure trends.

Shift Log - Periodic (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) inspection outcome on predefined checks on the visible attributes of various equipments and flashing the deviation from normal thus anticipated breakdown.

Breakdown History

Cost of spares used

Cost of Production loss

Analysis of breakdowns

Information for improving life span of equipment

Details of maintenance done during breakdown.

Department wise breakdown details.

Shutdown History

Plant wise shutdown details.

Analysis of shutdown.

Details of maintenance done during shutdown

Equipment History

Equipment definition details, Period wise location,

Breakdown history, Defect logs , Work requisitions, Jobs done, Spares & Services consumed

Equipment AMC/Warranty:

Maintenance Contract for one or more equipment

Maintenance Contract for all or specific jobs.

Feature of comprehensive & non Comprehensive Maintenance contract

Provision for capturing the Jobs done and spares consumed against Maintenance contract.

Cost of maintenance