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Fixed asset module is an add-on module in Lighthouse ERP software that manages the fixed asset of the business. Asset that are purchased for long term use. Fixed assets are unlikely to be converted into cash. It includes land, buildings, & complexes. ERP software for Fixed Asset management is a combination of advance features that can track, locate, and utilizes fixed asset. This module shares and fetches information with various core and sub-modules to prepare reports.The module also helps in controlling various aspects of fixed assets including asset depreciation & define rate, percentage & acceleration as required.

The fixed asset management module allows users to record all the details of fixed assets based on their location, tags, and vendors. Assets can be mapped under parent assets too. The module helps in managing multiple assets, reduce their value, or transfer the assets with absolute simplicity. The module stores all the information on centrally located server, so person who wants to access the information and has the right can access it from any location at any instance. This makes Lighthouse ERP a perfect digital solution that can cater to all the needs an modern industry needs. ERP for fixed assets is used by real-estate industry, civil engineering industry, construction industry, and infrastructure industry. Lighthouse ERP for fixed asset is the best fixed asset ERP software for infrastructure industries.

Asset Management

Asset Tracking, Asset Uses and Asset Transfers

User Defined Asset Categories, Multi Level Assets

Book Value, Depreciation, Value of Accumulated Depreciation, Sales and Gain or Value tracking.

Tracking Asset Purchase, Location Tracking, Transfer History and Sales Values

Asset Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and Repair History

Capitalization of Major Repairs,

Scheduled and Break down maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Alerts and Reports

Integration with parts inventory.

Revaluation of Asset, Disposals and Sales

User defined revaluation of Asset and integration with Financial system. Auto booking of gain and loss on sale of Asset

Asset Depreciation

User Defined Depreciation Commencement Date

User defined depreciation method and Depreciation Schedules

Monthly auto posting of depreciatoin.

Depreciation Schedules and Reports

Fixed Asset schedules, MIS reports on Asset usages, Asset transfers

Category wise, Asset wise Maintenance and Repair Cost Report.