ERP software for Steel Trading

ERP for Steel Trading

ERP for Steel trading is the purchase and sell of different products made of steel worldwide. The purchase and sell of steel products is done to strengthen the revenue of business. Steel trading is includes various steel products such as longs, flats, scrap, and stainless. In order to gain profit in steel trading, traders deal in various categories and industries to provide them with various steel products. This ultimately helps the traders gain profit in trading and supplying the specific steel products to niche-based requirement of steel products or steel scrap.

Traders target the industries like aerospace manufacturers, car manufacturers, construction industry, defence industry, domestic electrical equipment manufacturers, energy and power sector, mechanical/ industrial equipment manufacturers, packaging and utensils manufacturers, rail infrastructure operators, and shipyards. These many industries need steel on everyday basis in order to manufacture their products. Steel trading is one of the most significant part of steel industry. Trading of Steel can be done in various categories including Steel pipes, TMT bars, Rolled products, Flat products, and CR coil & HR coil cut to length.

Lighthouse Info understands the true potential in steel trading industry and the need of ERP software for steel trading industries. Lighthouse ERP focuses on the core needs and operations in steel trading, including sell and purchase of steel. Lighthouse ERP software for steel trading focuses on the important aspects of steel trading industry, and the problems that creates hurdles in smooth operations in steel trading. India is one of the biggest steel trading market, which will grow exponentially in near coming future.

Key modules of Steel Trading company/ industry

Purchase and Sales Management module keeps the track of various procurement and sales, including the detail of prices of various products. This module also keeps the track of various other details which are required to make the purchase and sale process smoother.

Inventory Management is one of the key module in steel trading company as it facilitates the company in keeping track of complete product and scrap which is available in the company and the estimation of required steel.

Finance and accounts module focuses on the budget, profit, and loses of the company. Analyzing key factors, the finance and accounts module calculates and predicts the profit yielded and required budget for future purchases.

Human Resource Management module keeps the track of all the employees and their designations. HRM module also monitors the staff required to perform certain task or operation so that only the needed staff is allotted to perform specific task.

Key features and benefits of ERP software for Steel Trading Company

Quickly manage the entire process of purchasing and selling steel products and scrap to increase the efficiency of the work-flow.

ERP not only automates the whole prospect of operations, but at minimal costs.

Achieve system-wide integration with Lighthouse ERP specifically designed for steel sector and steel industries to maximize the output.

Fully customization ERP software for steel trading companies, with easy to use user interface and seamless user experience.

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