ERP For Pharma Industry

ERP for Pharma Industry

Pharma industry is one of the highly regulated industry with rapid changes happening every once in a while. Pharmaceutical companies need to be adaptive along with the changes followed properly. There are multiple procedures and guidelines which needs to be followed in pharmaceutical companies. This makes pharmaceutical companies highly competitive. The companies in the sphere of Pharmaceutics needs proper operation work-flow and system wide integration to achieve absolute efficiency. Pharmaceutical companies underwent major changes in the past decade due to competition among other players.

This competitive nature of business has given rise to the need of ERP for pharma industry. ERP for pharma companies smoothens various operations in pharma companies, allowing it to yield maximum output. Pharma ERP software not only allows company wide automation, but also integrates all the processes to keep track of every sensitive operation in the pharma company. ERP software for Ayurvedic and Pharma companies is a standalone solution for all the business needs. There are multiple operations like expiry management, quality, formulation, costing, and compliance. To manage all the processes, the company needs the best ERP software for pharma industry.

Lighthouse Info is known to provide the exemplary ERP solution for pharma company but not limiting to that. Lighthouse ERP is the best ERP software for pharma and ayurvedic industry to manage the operations and completely integrating all the processes in the industry. The dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry makes the ERP software essential to give accurate, actionable information, and strategic decision-making statistics. In Lighthouse ERP modules for pharma companies, the software relies on various modules which interact with other modules for ease of access to information, creating a network of all the divisions in the industry.

Key modules of ERP software for Pharma company

Quality Control is the most important module of ERP software for pharma, as everything in pharmaceutical industry depends solely on the quality of the product and its effectiveness. This module helps maintaining the quality of the product to achieve maximum results.

Batch Control and Traceability module monitors all the production of the pharma products, sorting the products into batches which can be dispatched for delivery. This module monitors the production and traces the shipments by maintaining entire record.

Production Scheduling module makes it possible to schedule the production on the production line. This allows complete automation on production line in ERP software for pharma. Automation provides greater efficiency in the company to yield high rate of output.

Production Management module interacts with other module to collect the data and information for proper utilization of the equipment and all the resources of the company lowering the production cost.

Warehouse Management module monitors all the stock related information, placement of batches in specific warehouse. This module maintains the entire record of all the warehouses and stock piles in same warehouses.

Key benefits and features of ERP software for pharma companies

Lighthouse ERP software for pharma companies provides seamless user experience to the users with its easy to navigate user interface.

The most important asset to any company is its data and information. ERP software for pharma companies secures the data and create multiple backup of it to avoid data loss.

Lighthouse ERP software for pharma companies allow access to all processes and operations portably, so that every event that occurs can be control from anywhere.

The modules in the Lighthouse ERP creates a network of all the divisions in the company for easy exchange of information and statistics increasing the speed of the production.

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