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Oracle Database security

Oracle Database are an important piece of nay business’s technological infrastructure and its security involves how user keep the data and process online transactions on the database.

Why is database security important?

Database security is of utmost importance to most organizations and are deeply monitored and regulated by Authorities and governments today.

In the always evolving tech world, there are specified guidelines for data protection of valuable knowledge assets- about your customers, suppliers and other confidential data stored in the organizations database.

Data Encryption : Data Encryption stops potential attacks from accessing the database and reading sensitive information directly from storage. Oracle TDE performs encryption and decryption of data and log files (data at rest), in realtime in the database layer.It also can enable adherence to organization policy, rules and guidelines.

Data Redaction & masking : Data Redaction limits the risk of exposing sensitive data to application users to people who are not supposed to see it. This happens by redacting the sensitive data before it leaves the database.

Data Masking : Changes the result of any query instantly leaving the original data set intact.

What is the importance of application security

Application security is important because modern day applications are mostly present on different networks and available online (on the cloud) or use APIs to interact with back-end services, increasing chances of security risks and potential breaches.

Application Security

Oracle Applications (Forms, Java etc. have ) comprehensive and extensible support for both Authentication and Authorization

Access Control : establishes the access to a user based upon a several criteria including policy, user identity, and other attributes.

Authentication : a procedure to verify the identity of a user. The authentication process usually requires a user to sign in an application with credentials that only authorized users have.

Authorization : after a user has been authenticated , the system checks the privilege to access particular system functionality.

Data Authorization : It is the process of determining an authenticated user's rights to act upon a particular set of data. This process typically checks if the authenticated user is linked to a certain level in the organization hierarchy and/or a certain level in the merchandise hierarchy.

Role-Based Access : In Oracle Database, every users are assigned to different roles. In case of a security breach this will help identify who got access to the data and how.

User Attributes : Every user has specific data related to them, and this data can be used to classify a particular user. Such parameters do not affect authentication or authorization strategy.

User Store : It is location that contains user data needed for authentication and authorized access.

API Security : Soap API and REST API are useful and effective ways to implement API security.

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