Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Published on : 23 April , 2021

Publisher : R. Deshmukh

Digital marketing is in trend. Every brand and business is making digital marketing as there marketing strategy. Gone are the days where traditional marketing strategies used to rule the market for successful marketing options. Digital marketing agencies are making the marketing easy by taking all the responsibilities and saving the brand time to evaluate their business strategies. In today’s digital era, it is high time for digital marketing and all the digital marketing agencies. Every digital marketing agency is set to launch their client’s brand by propelling it to sky high success.

Here are top 10 Digital Marketing trends in 2021

1. Social Media engagement

Social media platforms have been boon for digital marketing. Digital marketing agency use social media to engage to new customers and new users to increase the online reach of the brand. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, and Pinterest are the new ways to engage with new customers. These social media platforms provide huge boost in marketing the brand and helps in increase the brand value and image. Fruitful results can be obtained with social media marketing and social media optimization.

2. Google Listing and Local SEO

Google is the top search engine around the globe. Everyday billion of people access Google’s search engine to get desired results right in one click. Hence Google listing is one of the best ways to promote client’s brand and increase the customers. Google provide various services of which one is local SEO. By doing local SEO and Google listing, the business can tell the customers what it proffers and how it can help in making their life easier. Google provide these packages at various prices in order to ensure every brand from small to big can use its services and get better results.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are great for brands website to engage the customer and keep their presence on the website for longer duration. Chatbots not only helps in engaging the customer but helps the brand to show customer the services and products they offer. Chatbots are responsible for 85% of customer services in 2020 and it is likely to increase in 2021 due to introduction of artificial intelligence in the Chatbots. Chatbots are responsible to quick response to customer so that helps in satisfying the customer’s website experience. Many customers like to interact with Chatbots as they are pretty responsible and answers the queries with accurate answer.

4. Video Marketing

In the current era, video marketing is not only limited to YouTube but has increased to other platforms as well. Instagram reels, Facebook video, and linked-in helps the brand to put out video on the platforms and let people view it which are a great Digital Marketing Trend in 2021. Every of these platforms have great user base and people like watching video rather than reading long articles and copywriting one liners. YouTube video marketing is also a key player when it comes to video marketing. Hence video marketing is one of the essential digital marketing trends in 2021 that every digital marketing agency should take into account.

5. Influencers Marketing

Influencer marketing includes key leaders to give word-of-mouth about brand and their services to the users. Users tend to trust the leaders in their sphere, and hence influencer marketing can really become handy when it comes to marketing the brand and improve its image. 63% customers trust influencer and their words more than what brands say for itself. Also, 58% of users have brought new products in previous past months due to the word-of-mouth from influencer. YouTube personalities can have great effect on niche based audience and word can spread fast about the brand with these strategies.

6. Browser Push Notifications

Push notification is an excellent way to let people know about any new update or new product the brand has to offer. Now a day’s users can turn on the push notification on the browser for particular website in order to get new updates or changes in the product or services. This in turn notifies or alerts the user whenever the user surfs the internet. This service is effective for 85% of stores in 2020. More and more brands are adapting browser push notification for better customer engagement and retention.

7. Analytics

Analytics and marketing go hand in hand. If brand does not invest in good analytics, the brand will likely to struggle to stay on the top of the search engine results. Every brand needs analysis of sales, customer engagement, customer retention, and profit. Analyzing all these facts is important in order to maintain good relationship with the customer. There are myriad and myriad ways of marketing the brand and reach out to customers, but not having proper analysis on the marketing strategies and how much success it has gotten, the brand will lack the future decisions to be taken for promotion. Hence having insights about the business is rather important and should be taken care of.

8. Content Marketing

Content is king. Every website user visits, the user is bombarded with tons of content. Content marketing involves placing and marketing content in a right way so that customer or user must not feel overwhelmed with content and take in positively. Stuffing keywords to rank higher with gibberish content can affect the performance of the website or social media post; hence it is extremely necessary to keep the content short and simple in order to keep the user satisfied. Content marketing also involves marketing the product with minimum content and tell maximum about the brand and its products & services.

9. Proper Keyword research and Placement

Keywords are extremely helpful in digital marketing. Digital marketing is intricate and involves myriad of techniques to achieve better results for the brand. Keyword research includes including the right keyword that are related with brand and include them in the content so that user reaches the brand’s website or social media handle. Keywords helps in increasing the reach of the brand to more and more customers in return increase the sales and profit. There are plethoras of tools for keyword research such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and others. These tools help the digital marketers find the right volume relevant to right keyword that can increase the online presence of the brand.

10. Micro-blogging

Micro-blogging platforms are getting popular in the world of digital marketing. Micro-blogging includes writing a social media post in 140 characters and promote the post on all platforms. Twitter is the most famous micro-blogging platform. Other micro-blogging platforms include Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms are the best platforms for promoting the brand and products through micro-blogging. There are other platforms but most digital marketers use these platforms with copywriting content to help the post reach more and more users to increase customer base.


All these trends and strategies will determine who will win the race in digital marketing of brands in 2021. Every digital marketing agency can take these Latest Digital Marketing trends into account and tweak them to get the desired results for the clients. Digital marketing grows everyday and newer keywords are introduced every day, hence it is essential to explore all possibilities and make the best of them. Lighthouse Digital is the best SEO service provider in India providing exemplary services and expose client’s online visibility.

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