ERP for trading

ERP for Trading Industry

Published on : 30/11/2020

Publisher : Rohit M.

Trading industry or company is the business of selling different kind of products which are sold to customer, businesses, or government purposes. Trading companies generally buy stocks, warehouse or maintain them, and then sell by making profit on it. Needless to say, trading companies require a lot of inventory management, customer detail management, shipment details, and delivery status management. To maintain all these records, large database is required and so to say maintaining it manually is extremely tedious job. Manually entering every information can result into mistake, eventually leading to huge loss of the company.

In order to function smoothly, trading industries need a automated solution, which after implementation can handle the entries of information and data. An ERP software can be absolute solution to manage all the processes included in purchasing, maintaining stocks, and selling of products. ERP for trading company connects every division in the company, linking them with each other in order to create a network. In this network, each division shares information and data which needs to be shared, and accordingly process the statistics in order to keep track of every transaction and its details. The ERP solution for trading industry provides a standalone solution.

The trading company or industry can be categorized in multiple verticals. Here some of the well known trading industries listed below:

Coal Trading

Coal trading is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Coal is first mined, and then it is transported to consumers. Mainly coal is traded via ships, trucks, and barges. Expensive coal is used in the making of Iron and Steel, so coal is an integral part of steel industry. ERP for coal tradingindustry satisfies all the needs of trading company. Hence ERP for trading can be implemented with certain tweaks in the ERP software.

Steel Trading

Steel trading is simply the trading of steel products to various other businesses which needs them. Steel trading comes under discrete industries. Traders buy the scrap steel, and melts it to make different products. ERP for steel industry or steel trading industry satiates every need of the steel trading industry. Thus ERP for trading industry is need in steel trading industry.

Heavy Equipment & General Trading

The most efficient way to manage all the operations of heavy equipment and general trading industry is to implement an ERP software solution for Heavy Equipment & general trading. ERP for Heavy Equipment & general trading can result into fruitful business yielding profits for the company. Tracking of delivery and shipment becomes easy with ERP software.

Commodities Trading

Commodities are traded everyday to satisfy the needs of many across the globe. This makes it one of the biggest business, constantly moving forward.

Commodities trading can be categorized into four category: metal, energy, livestock and meet, and agricultural. All these commodities have the same trading process, hence a similar ERP software for Commodity trading can satisfy the need of every Commodity trading company.

EXIM and International Trade

ERP for EXIM and International trade can help the business to manage and track all the timely delivery in EXIM and international trading. An efficient and handy way, feature rich ERP software makes it all possible with complete automation. Tracking of payment is also done in ERP software for EXIM and International Trade..

Agro Commodities Trading

Agro Commodities Trading is the trading of agricultural goods and products. These goods can be anything like sauces, spices, milk, and various everyday needed commodities. As the market sale of commodities is increasing rapidly, a trading company must have a way of managing the sale and purchase of these commodities effectively. To ensure the process does not get hampered, ERP software for Agro Commodities Trading can give amazing results.

The above mentioned categories pretty much sums all the commodity tradings. In order to keep the business running smoothly, an ERP software for trading industry will deliver outstanding results.