ERP for Paint Industry

ERP for Paint Industry

Published on : 21st January , 2021

Publisher : Akshay Lothe

Paint industries face similar challenges that occur in other chemical industry. Proper formulation, accurate and precise composition, and thickness of the paint must be calculated. High demand in paint industries compels the industry to constant work. Plant and equipment maintenance is inevitable is certain conditions. Myriad of challenges occur each day, and the industry must handle the challenges swiftly so that the operations in the industry does not shutdown. Part from maintenance and operations, handling finance is huge challenge in itself.

Paints can be of various types and kinds, and composition of each type is different than of others. Recipe and pain making process is fed to the paint manufacturing machine and replaced at times. To manage all these intricate operations, its advantageous to have software that can control and monitor the processes. The world is in digital age, and every industry is shifting onto digital solutions to further improve working and operations in industry. Digital solutions engenders the industry to eliminate delays, and also cut down errors.

ERP software can be the best pick among other digital solutions that are made available for the industries for smoother operations. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software aids the industries in achieving absolute control over all the operations. Operations are simplified, and monitoring them becomes easy. ERP software alleviate the tedious tasks in paint industry, and introduces harmony among the operations. ERP software largely depends on its modules for its working. These modules connects all the divisions and departments in the industry, so sharing information and data becomes seamless.

Modules in ERP for Paint Industry


Procurement of raw material for manufacturing the paint is crucial task in pain industry. Without raw material, the manufacturing process cannot be initiated. Procurement is done in batches, and preparing purchase orders and bills for procurement has to be done by ERP software. Lighthouse ERP enables the industry to automate billing process and also tracks all the procurement orders to keep information updated.

Inventory Management

Inventory is important in every industry, let alone for paint industry. Inventory Management module keeps track of all the raw material, products, and batches of manufactured paint. Every batch is allotted with serial numbers for identification. Inventory Management module also tracks raw material, and ensures that manufacturing process is not halted due to limited supply of raw material. Lighthouse ERP helps the industry to keep updated inventory check list with respect to quantity and valuation.

Production Planning

Every production industry has a timeline, and manufacturing must be completed in the given timeline. Production planning ensures that the paint industry achieves the targeted production in planned time. Delivery to customers with accurate billing is also the part of production planning. Costing of production and scheduling of production is an integral part of production planning. Lighthouse ERP excels in production planning activities, and enables the industry to achieve production target within allotted time.

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts play significant role in successful running of business. All the financial transactions are maintained, detailed report are prepared in Lighthouse ERP.

Lighthouse ERP software keeps all the records secure and updated, hence no error can tamper the finance and accounts report. Profit and loss handling, and currency exchange calculation is easily achieved in Lighthouse ERP.

Why ERP for Paint Industry?

Paint industry is huge industry involving hundreds of operations to be carried out everyday for production. To make the job of team easy, ERP software can be of huge help. ERP software eases the way operations are executed, and helps the industry to achieve completely synchronized series of processes. ERP software stores all the information and data on central server, hence it is easy to access data at any instance. The information and data can be fetched by any department without having to worry about geographical locations. The information and data is secured and backed-up everyday, hence no data loss.

ERP software being the digital solution, has various advantages over traditional modular software. Paper stacks and trails are completely eliminated, reducing the operational cost. Misplacement of files and records is inescapable when paper files are maintained, and important documents can get misplaced resulting in huge loss to the business. ERP for paint industry provides solution to these problems. Business Intelligence in ERP software for paint industry offers various insights of the industry. Strategic decisions can be taken on the basis of these insights can be beneficial for entire industry earning huge profits. ERP software is boon for all the industries that require complete focus, and involves various operations.


Lighthouse ERP provides huge benefits to the paint industry. Implementation of Lighthouse ERP software for paint industry can turn industry into profit machine. Lighthouse ERP is the quintessential of ERP software. 35+ years of constant upgrade and enhancement, Lighthouse ERP compromises of all the features a modern industry requires.