Best ERP for Fastener Industry in India

Published on : 30/11/2020

Publisher : Rohit M.

Fastener Industry is among one of the most promising industries in India. With the growth of business, fastener industry shows promising growth when it comes to infrastructural development and growth in India. Fastener Manufacturers and industries plays a pivotal role in maintaining the good health of India’s economy.

What is Fastener Industry?

Fastener or fasteners is a piece of hardware device that is used to connect, join, or fix two or more objects together. The joints created by the fastener device are non-permanent, unlike welding that is used to create permanent joints. So in general terms, fastener industry is a industry which creates and manufactures fasteners. Fasteners are used is many sectors and segments including aerospace sector, defense and weapons sector, automotive sector, and medical sector. There are also some sub-segments and sectors which falls under the above mentioned categories. Fasteners can be manufactured by using the materials like stainless steel fasteners and plastic fasteners.

Need of ERP software for Fastener Industry

To manage such massive and large scale industry and controlling all the processes in manufacturing plant, the industry needs a proper software to channel and control the flow of work that is much needed in the industry.

An ERP software for Fastener Industry is needed to control all the operations in manufacturing plant including fastener manufacturing process, supply and demand chain, accounting and finances, and production and delivery. ERP software manages and regulates chain of work efficiently with minimum human intervention. An ERP software is the perfect solution for controlling the work flow in such massive industries.

An ERP software is an software which contains many modules for each section and department to ensure maintaining the proper working plan and schemes for various operations. These modules are connected with each other and also used to communicate and share relevant information/ data to make sure the processes are working properly without any interruption or disruption. Fastener manufacturing and distributing involves manufacturing of nuts and bolts, thus creating the need of ERP software for nuts and bolts. Hence, The need of ERP software for fastener industry is vital and plays a role of significance.

Lighthouse presents the perfect solution in the form of ERP software to all the large scale industries including, but not limiting to fastener industry. Lighthouse ERP solutions identifies each and every grounds that needs to be covered for the process to work efficiently and smoothly. There are many aspects on which Lighthouse focuses to fix the issues that can lead to interruption in the operations. Lighthouse is numero uno player in India as well as globally to provide one stop solution for all the ERP related demands. Satisfying clients and customers is the sole purpose of Lighthouse, and we do not fail to deliver our best efforts to ensure your business keep on blooming.

What is fastener ERP software?

An ERP software is a set of tools that offers the complete solution to manage and plan the resources of the industry or company in real time. This include various modules depending on the number of departments in the specific industry. These modules include supply chain management, accounting and financial management, customer relation management, Human resource management, project costing management, inventory management, and purchase or delivery management. These modules are inter-connected with each other to maintain the work flow.

Fastener ERP software works in similar way as other ERP software works and used to perform the same operations with minimum changes in the work process. Fastener ERP software automates the process of managing production, raw material, and all other resources that are used in the making and shaping of the final product.

Lighthouse has an impeccable record in implementing and maintaining the ERP software for fastener industries and infrastructure completing over 300+ projects. With 30+ years of expertise, Lighthouse maintains its position on the pinnacle of the ERP software industries. We have an flawless way of working around all the stipulated demands for all industries with versatile solutions that suits the business needs for every business.