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ERP for Steel Construction and fabrication Industry

Published on : 30/11/2020

Publisher : Rohit M.

ERP a.k.a Enterprise Resource Planning is a software which aids the business to shift to automation while retaining all the operations and tasks to be managed efficiently. Steel industry is expanding rapidly and with that it needs new generation tools to manage its operations. ERP software for Steel construction and fabrication industry does the exact same job for the industry. It automates most of its processes in order to achieve maximum work done with minimum human intervention to boost up the productivity. The main focus of an ERP software is to make the operations smooth and balance the workflow so that the production in the industry is not hampered in anyway.

Steel fabrication industry contributes much to the economy of the nation, and to keep it that way the industries needs a hands on solution to tackle all its problems and hurdles so that the working procedures and operations are not interrupted in anyway. To make avail such set of tools, an ERP software an industry can wish for. Modular systems in the Steel industry cannot outweigh and outmatch the performance of the ERP systems which are specifically designed for specific industry needs. To overcome modular systems, a well designed and well implemented ERP system is necessary.

What is ERP system for Steel Fabrication and Construction industry?

As stated earlier, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which plans and assigns all the resources meticulously to achieve maximum output. This puts the modular system to dust, as Module system solely relies on the human intervention and takes too much time to complete the process which ERP can do in minutes. Modular system has modules divided and all the exchange of information has to be done manually, which is extremely tedious job and mistake of information inaccuracies can prove fatal for the business. In ERP system, the automation makes it possible to send thousands of files in single click. This is by far the best benefit of ERP system for Steel fabrication industry.

ERP system consists of various modules which makes the system work in proper flow.

These modules connect various divisions of industry into a network which are inter-connected with each other and makes the communication seamless, avoiding the mistakes in information and statistics. A modern ERP system facilitates the business to work smoothly, flourishing it and making it profitable. Opting for ERP system for steel construction company can prove immensely fruitful as the production increases at the minimum cost incurred to implement the ERP software. Modules in ERP software work with each other to exchange various information related to transaction, production, raw material, and shipment to ensure the procurement and supply chain remains unhampered.

Key modules of ERP software for Steel Fabrication and Construction

Inventory Management

Procurement and Supply Management

Quality Control Management

Human Resource Management

Customer Relationship Management

Production Management

Finance and Accounting Management

The modules mentioned above are the core modules of ERP software for Steel construction industry. There are various other modules added in ERP software according to customer’s need. Additional modules can be implemented for more flexibility without compromising the robust architecture of ERP software. Many ERP software comes with core modules, ignoring the additional modules which can tamper the business operations. A perfect ERP software is accustomed to changes and should be tweaked according to the needs to customer.

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