ERP software for Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturing

Published on : 26/04/2021

Publisher : R. Deshmukh

Oxygen cylinders are used for various purposes, and it requires immense precision to manufacture. Oxygen cylinder manufacturing industries needs to be extremely careful for manufacturing process of oxygen cylinders. There are several intricate operations and processes which industry has to follow to keep the quality of the cylinders top-notch. Every industry including oxygen cylinder manufacturing industry is shifting to digital paradigm to ease up the operations and processes. ERP software is the perfect digital solution for all the digital needs in an industry to function properly and make the workflow smooth.

What is ERP software for Oxygen cylinder manufacturing?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is business performance software that streamlines all the operations and processes involved in industry for manufacturing. These modern day web based systems help the industry to monitor and control all the operations, comply with statutory regulations and increase transparency. ERP software also automates various process to avoid manual errors and delays. ERP software has many features including Business Intelligence, Automation, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning that gives it the edge over traditional management software.

ERP software greatly relies on strategic core components, which are its process modules. ERP software Modules address department wise functions properly and smoothly. ERP Systems are responsible for forming an interconnected network of departments and divisions in the industry for seamless exchange of information and data. This data is stored on central server so that only authorized people can access business critical information. Process modules also exchange information with other modules in real time to enable collaboration of latest information to further the task in hand. Modules also provide instance alerts and notification to highlight important data and KPIs.

How does ERP software help Oxygen Cylinder manufacturing industry?

Oxygen cylinder manufacturing industry goes through intricate processes at various stages, which can be readily addressed by ERP software. Enterprise Resource Planning software carefully and meticulously utilizes all the available resources in the industry and provides insights that help in better decision making. The software also controls and monitors all the operations for oxygen manufacturing industry to get better control over operations.

Enterprise Resource software helps in managing the raw material for oxygen cylinder manufacturing through MRP i.e. Material Requirement Planning process. The main raw material used to manufacture oxygen cylinders are aluminum metal sheets for body and accessories (valve and rings). This material is all sorted and labeled properly with automated process to avoid misplacement of the raw material. The software also keeps the inventory in check for raw material requirement and alerts in case of shortage and refill. The ERP software also controls the production process on various stages of the production starting from aluminum billets to shell production furthering to heat treatment and finishing.

ERP software have strong quality control features which ensures that quality of the oxygen cylinders remain top-notch and in accordance to all the set standards and guidelines. The software confirms that each cylinder is tested according to procedures and checks the cylinder to eliminate chances of leakage. All the safety norms are followed during the refilling process. The software also helps the oxygen cylinder manufactures to have detailed monitoring process to control the wear and condition of the cylinders getting the required flow output from final products. Distribution of cylinders is also managed by ERPs , with complete order to dispatch cycle, to ensure timely deliveries of this critical component for medical and health applications.

Lighthouse ERP for Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturing

Lighthouse Info Systems provides excellent business performance software including ERP to oxygen cylinder manufactures. Lighthouse ERP is constantly upgrading since 35+ years and caters to all the modern industry needs. Lighthouse ERP software delivers outstanding performance and comprehensive functionality in the industry to ensure that every operation is carefully planned and executed. Lighthouse ERP software is the Best Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturing ERP software in India. The cloud based software is tailor made according to client’s requirements, providing better fit on industry standards , along with global enterprises functionalities.