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Best ERP modules for Steel Industry

Published on : 30/11/2020

Publisher : Rohit M.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a software that can be defined as set of tools to plan and manage resources accordingly with complete efficiency. To manage big businesses, the industry or company needs to have certain software which can in-return help the management team to control and monitor all the operations in an industry. ERP software for Steel industry is the best way a business can have complete hold over the operations and tasks in the company, without having to intervene much into it. ERP software completely automates the process, making it easy to manage all the resources.

Steel industry is extremely labour intensive industry which requires rigorous work. The process-oriented steel industry requires constant attention so that the proper functioning of the industry is not hampered. When ERP software is considered, there are various elements that comes into play to work with each other. These elements are also called as modules of ERP software. These modules helps achieve the software absolute automation, interact with each other to establish seamless communication. Handling of resources completely depends upon these modules. In simple terms, these modules form a inter-connected network of all the departments and divisions in industry to exchange information and statistics.

Here are the Best ERP modules for Steel Industry:

Procurement and Sales Management

In steel industry, the entire production line is material dependent. Raw material is required for processing and ultimately production and manufacturing. The procurement and sales management module keeps the track of all the raw material, and sales orders of the manufactured good. This module also keeps the track of all the orders and shipments which are ready and to be shipped.

Finance and Accounts Management

Finance and Accounts management is one of the important module in ERP software for steel industry. The module performs various tasks including managing all the finances and account details to give management team a broader and clearer view of the budget of the industry. This information is then transferred to various other departments to achieve proper flow of communication.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management module help keeping the track of all the employee details and their packages. It also helps to enlist the skills of the employee so that when time come, the employee with proper skills are allotted for better results. This module is also important because while assigning specific tasks, the module suggests the number of employees that will require for specific operation.

Quality Control Management

Quality Control management module, as the name indicates controls and monitors the overall quality of the manufactured products. The strength, durability, and performance rating all is controlled and monitored by quality control management module in ERP software for Steel industry. Apart from that quality control management module also signals if the quality of the manufactured product is not up to the mark.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Customer Relationship Management or CRM module helps maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer. Customer Relationship Management module records every conversation and transaction that is done with the customer, that contributes in strengthening the relationship with customer. Also, CRM module helps the leader in further advertising, marketing, and other decisions.

These are the modules which are of utmost important in ERP for Steel industry. There are also other add-on modules which can be implemented to extend the functionality of ERP software. These add-on modules makes ERP software more flexible without losing the core working flow on the software.

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