ERP for TMT Bar industry

ERP for TMT Bar Manufacturing

Published on : Dec 29, 2020

Publisher : Akshay Lothe

TMT bar manufacturing is rigorous process that involves multiple operations to be carried out simultaneously. Strength and flexibility of the TMT bars is determined by the manufacturing process. So manufacturing process is an substantial part in entire industry. There are many factor that also contributes to strength and flexibility of the TMT bars. There are numerous grades available in TMT bars, including Fe 600, Fe 550, Fe 500, Fe 415.

The raw material used in manufacturing of TMT bars include Iron ore, coal, and dolomite. Post procurement of raw material, the raw material is processed for manufacturing process of TMT bars. The material is extracted from iron ore via DRI plant. After extraction, steel making process is initiated. After the hot steel is made, it is then sent for the process of quenching. Quenching is done so that the metal obtains certain material properties. Post quenching process, self tempering process is initiated where the temperature of the core of quenched metal is higher than of surface, and the temperature flows to the surface resulting in tempered martensitic and the process is called self-tempering. Then atmospheric cooling is done on the steel.

These processes and operations in TMT manufacturing are tedious, and includes meticulous planning. ERP software for TMT bar manufacturing provides a solution for all the difficulties that arises in the industry. ERP stands for Enterprise Planning Resource. The ERP software plans and utilizes all the resources in the industry, so that proper workflow for operations can be derived. ERP for TMT bar manufacturing has many modules which the entire software relies on. These modules form a interconnected network of departments or divisions that facilitates seamless flow of information throughout. This enables the industry to fetch the information at any instance, as whole information and data is centrally stored.

Lighthouse ERP for TMT bar manufacturing is the magnum opus of Lighthouse Info. Lighthouse ERP is a robust solution for TMT manufacturing industry. The ERP software features automation, that reduces delays occurred due to human intervention.

Automation feature completely transform the way operations and processes execute. Business Intelligence is another feature that makes Lighthouse ERP a complete package. Business Intelligence fetches the statistics and perform an analysis on fetched statistics. Then, a report is generated of summarized information that includes all the key elements which are necessary for decision making. The industry can take viable strategic decisions based on these reports that can benefit the business.

Key benefits of ERP for TMT bar Manufacturing industry:

ERP for TMT bar manufacturing industry reduces delays and errors ultimately proving advantageous to the industry.

Huge reduction in cost of operation can be achieved with ERP for TMT bar manufacturing, an every information is stored digitally.

Stacks and piles of paper can be completely eliminated to keep records, as information is stored digitally and centrally.

Steel TMT bar manufacturing industry can be operational 24/7 as fetching important information becomes easy and seamless.

Managing finance and accounts information becomes easier than ever, as finance and accounts module keeps every record.

Balance sheet can be prepared at any instance so that future decisions can be taken with strategic approach.

Complete system-wide integration industry transforms and replaces modular software that industry heavily relied on, hence an upgrade in the industry.

Core modules in ERP for TMT bar manufacturing industry:

Inventory Management

Finance and Account

Procurement and production

Sales and Dispatch

Supple Chain Management(SCM)

Production Planning and Scheduling